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Get certainty on your coverage to enjoy a cashless discharge

Get certainty on your coverage to enjoy a cashless discharge

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Welcome to Health Connect

Through Health Connect, you will receive full assurance of how much of your medical expenses are covered even before your treatment. There’s no need for any cash deposit upon hospital admission as we settle your medical expenses directly with the hospital.

Let us recommend you the right medical treatment options so that you can continue to renew your healthcare coverage at our lowest premium level. 

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We have over 4,000 specialists in more than 25 medical specialisations and over 700 private specialists, one of the biggest in Singapore.

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Enjoy Health Connect benefits with our health plans
Enjoy Health Connect benefits with our health plans
Be covered by up to 95% of your hospitalisation bills whether you prefer restructured or private medical centres.

Frequently asked questions

on Health Connect

Health Connect specialists panel

The Health Connect Panel Specialists is Great Eastern's Main and Extended Panel of private specialists is our panel of main and extended panel private specialist doctors carefully selected for our Great Eastern Integrated Shield customers.

Please contact Health Connect 6563 2233

Operating Hours: 

Day Time
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm

From 1 April 2022, in support of Multilateral Health Insurance Committee’s (MHIC) recommendations to provide access to a greater choice of doctors and supporting continuity of care for patients, Great Eastern had introduced the Extended Panel of Specialist doctors.

The Extended Panel provider is a specialist doctor who is currently not on Great Eastern Main Panel, but is on the approved list of panel doctors of the other integrated shield plan provider and is approved by us to be on the Extended Panel.

Our Specialist doctors are carefully selected with a minimum 5 years of specialist experience and renowned in their respective fields of practice in Singapore.  They have a clean professional track record of quality service to patients and offer reasonable fees aligned to MOH guidelines.


Through our Great Eastern Health Connect Panel, our customers will enjoy access to more than 4,000 specialists of over 25 different medical specialties. These specialists include those from restructured hospitals as well as more than 700 private specialists.


For a full listing of the Great Eastern Health Connect Panel Specialists, please click here.
We will periodically review the listing of specialists under the Great Eastern Health Connect Panel to ensure that doctors provide quality service to our patients and offer reasonable fees aligned to MOH guidelines.

If your panel doctor cannot be found on our listing, please contact Health Connect at 6563-2233, for more information.

Our customers will receive end-to-end support for their specialist healthcare and hospitalisation needs (both inpatient and day surgery). From the recommendation of appropriate specialists for the necessary consults/treatments, specialist appointment scheduling, to pre-authorisation for eligible medical expenses, right to direct claims settlement between Great Eastern and the hospital/MOH accredited day surgery centre.

With the issuance of pre-authorisation, policyholders will also have their co-payment expenses for their supplementary plan capped at $3,000 and be covered for 365 days of post-hospitalisation treatment.

Please refer to the table below for more information:

  GE Panel Specialists  
Benefits Main Panel Extended Panel Non-Panel
Co-payment cap* Yes Yes No
Post hopitalisation 365 days* Yes Yes No


From 1st April 2022, Certificate of Pre-Authorisation (PAC) is no longer mandatory for customers to enjoy the $3,000 co-payment cap per period of insurance on eligible bills incurred from planned hospitalisation, surgery and/or treatment when they seek treatment from our main panel provider and/or extended panel provider or at a restructured hospital.

However, we would still encourage our customers to apply for PAC for their planned hospitalisation, surgery and/or treatment so that the treatment costs may be pre-assessed and approved prior to their treatment, hence giving our customers a peace of mind on the eligible medical expenses payable before their treatment commences.

*Applicable to lives assured insured under both GSH and GTC plans and where treatment is sought at our Panel Providers or at a restructured hospital.

Appointment with a panel specialist

Yes. To provide greater accessibility, our specialist clinics are located island-wide.In addition, through our more than 4,000 specialists of over 25 different medical specialties, our customers can also enjoy easy accessibility to specialists from restructured hospitals and more than 700 private specialists.

For a full listing of the Great Eastern Health Connect Main and Extended Panel, please click here.

Yes. For a request of an appointment, you may: Visit our Health Connect Website here to arrange for an appointment online.

Contact our Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233, where our Health Connect team l will assist you with recommendations on the panel specialists and the booking of your Specialist appointment.

We will confirm your specialist appointment within 3 working days from your request and an email confirmation will be sent to you once the appointment is fixed.


Average Turnaround Time for Certificate of Pre-Authorisation*

P50 TAT (days)

P75 TAT (days)



*The expected average turnaround time for the issuance of the certificate of Pre-Authorisation is 3 days. Please note that the submission of pre-authorisation requests via email has ceased with effect from Jan 2023. Policyholders can now request for pre-authorisation via a link to the web portal which will be sent to them by the Great Eastern's Panel specialists. 

Yes, you may contact Health Connect or the Specialist clinic to change your appointment.

To fully enjoy the Health Connect services as our GREAT SupremeHealth customers, you may consider switching to our panel specialists. For more assistance, please call Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233.

Pre-approval of eligible medical expenses

Through Health Connect, Great Eastern can issue you with a Certificate of Pre-Authorisation (PAC) which gives you a pre-approval of the medical costs that your GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare policies (if any) will cover, before your planned admission/ surgery.

With a PAC, you can now have a peace of mind and enjoy a cashless journey from your admission to the hospital to your discharge, as Great Eastern settles your pre-approved eligible medical expenses directly with the hospital (restructured/ private) or MOH accredited day surgery centre/clinic.

Your Panel Specialist / Clinic can assist with your PAC request, via the following steps:

i. Please identify yourself as a Great Eastern GREAT SupremeHealth Life Assured when you visit our Specialist clinic. Please inform the clinic and panel specialist that you have been referred by Health Connect as the specialist profile is made available in Health Connect website.

ii. During the Specialist consultation, and a decision to proceed with a planned procedure/ admission / outpatient treatment is made, please inform our panel specialists that you would like to request for PAC and a pre-approval of eligible expenses before commencing with the treatment.

iii. Our panel specialists will assist to fill in the digital request form with the information provided by both you and the attending specialist. You are required to provide your declaration and consent on the digital request form.

iv. Once the clinic completes the digital form, they will submit the request to Health Connect on your behalf and our Health Connect team will contact you on the outcome of the request.

v. Upon the approval of PAC, a digital copy of the Certificate of Pre-Authorisation (PAC), together with a letter of undertaking/ consent, will be emailed to you. To complete the process, please sign the letter of undertaking/ consent, and email it back to us.

With the pre-authorisation completed, Great Eastern can settle their pre-authorised medical and/or surgical expenses directly with the selected hospital. Our customers can then enjoy a hassle-free admission to and discharge from hospital.

For more enquiries, please contact Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233.

*PAC assessments may take between 3 - 10 working days, due to the complexity of the planned admission/ surgery.

**The issuance of PAC is for planned admission/surgery provided if the specialists are practising in the following in Singapore:

1. a Restructured Hospital; or
2. a Private Hospital/Day Surgery Centre and on our panel.

*Assessment of eligible medical expenses is based on the coverage on your GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare policies (if any). For expenses which are ineligible, payment will need to be made upon your discharge.

The pre-authorisation process would be the same, regardless of whether the specialist is a part of the Main Panel or the Extended Panel.

It includes:

  • Eligible in-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • Eligible surgical expenses
  • Eligible doctor's inpatient daily attendance fee
  • Eligible medical examinations and tests during hospitalisation, and
  • Eligible outpatient treatment expenses (limited to Kidney Dialysis Treatment, Cancer Treatment, Erythropoietin, Immunosuppressants for organ transplant and Long-term Parenteral Nutrition).

Please note the following items:

  • Pre and post hospitalisation bills
  • Short stay ward
  • Pregnancy and childbirth complication
  • Accidental dental treatment
  • Living donor organ transplant
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Inpatient Sub-acute Care, Rehabilitation Care and/or Palliative Care
  • Overseas treatment

For questions on any of the above, please call our Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233. The claims for the above-mentioned items can either be submitted via e-filing or manually.

Please call our Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233 during operating hours for assistance.

Emergency admission

Please be advised that Health Connect service is to assist with the pre-approval of eligible expenses for planned treatment. In an emergency situation, please proceed with the necessary medical and/or surgical treatment.

From 1 April 2021 onwards, GREAT TotalCare (GTC) customers who are admitted into a hospital as a result of an Emergency (fulfilling the contract definition of an Emergency), will have the co-payment amount capped at $3,000 even if there is no certificate of pre-authorisation issued.

From 1 April 2023 onwards, GTC P SELECT customers who were admitted as a result of an Emergency, the co-payment will be 5% of the total eligible bills incurred for that Period of Insurance and capped at $3,000.