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GREAT SupremeHealth + GREAT TotalCare

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GREAT SupremeHealth + GREAT TotalCare

#Lifeproof your hospitalisation needs, for life

When it comes to healthcare, receiving the best possible treatments and managing costs are not competing priorities – they go hand-in-hand. GREAT SupremeHealth complements MediShield Life to give you more options for looking after your hospitalisation needs.


Enhance your coverage with GREAT TotalCare, a supplementary plan to GREAT SupremeHealth, and cover up to 95% of your total hospitalisation bill. Be provided with options for doctors, and hospitals for your medical treatment and extend your coverage to 120 days before and up to 365 days after your hospitalisation.


In addition, receive a cash benefit for each day of hospitalisation with Supreme MediCash.


As long as you stay healthy and have made no claims, you will pay less at the next policy renewal during the Assessment Period1, with 20%* off your standard premium rates.

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The all-in-one solution to meet your hospitalisation needs.


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Key benefits


Comprehensive hospitalisation coverage for life

Enjoy up to 95% coverage of your total hospitalisation bill when you add on GREAT TotalCare supplementary plan, with high annual coverage of up to $1.5 million2 .


Advanced long-term cancer treatment coverage

Get covered for outpatient and advanced cancer treatments such as proton beam therapy and cell, tissue and gene therapy. 


Additional rider to cover overseas treatment

Add on GREAT TotalCare Plus rider and get access to the care you need. Plus, 24/7 specialised support on hand during overseas emergency situations. 


Flexibility to choose your coverage based on your budget and needs

Choose GREAT TotalCare(Classic-P) for medical treatments at our private panel specialists3 or Restructured Hospitals to enjoy lower cash outlay with greater premium affordability.

Get 20% off your first-year premiums when you sign up for GREAT TotalCare today! Terms and conditions apply.


The healthier your lifestyle, the more you can save

Enhance your coverage with GREAT TotalCare (Elite-P) or (Classic-P) that comes with the Claims-Adjusted Pricing (CAP), where the premiums payable at each renewal is determined by your claims4 experience during the Assessment Period1

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