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GREAT SupremeHealth

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GREAT SupremeHealth

One solution for all your hospitalisation needs, for life

GREAT SupremeHealth is a MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan that offers comprehensive medical coverage and reimburses the eligible medical expenses of your hospital bills.


Supplement your GREAT SupremeHealth with our Integrated Shield Plan rider, GREAT TotalCare to cover any deductible or co-insurance portion on your hospital bill (less co-payment) that is not payable under GREAT SupremeHealth.


GREAT TotalCare comes in two plan types to suit your budget and needs – GREAT TotalCare (ELITE) and GREAT TotalCare (CLASSIC).


The Co-payment (i.e. out of pocket expenses) portion under GREAT TotalCare (ELITE) is 5% of total eligible bill.  The Co-payment portion for GREAT TotalCare (CLASSIC) is the Deductible or 5% of total eligible bill, whichever is higher. 


What’s more, for a seamless hospital admission and discharge, call Health Connect at

6563 2233, a call-in service exclusively for our GREAT SupremeHealth customers for pre-authorisation of the eligible medical expenses before hospitalisation.  We will settle your claim directly with the hospital.


Important note:


In line with the Ministry of Health’s announcement made on 24 March 2020, all customers who leave Singapore from 27 March 2020 (Friday) onwards, against prevailing travel advisories§, will not be entitled to claim any benefits under the Plans and the Riders if they are admitted for suspected COVID-19 and have onset of such symptoms within 14 days of returning to Singapore.


You may refer here under clause 22 for more information.


§ The Ministry of Health may consider exceptions if there are compelling reasons for undertaking travel despite travel advisory.

Key benefits


Comprehensive coverage for your hospitalisation needs  for life 

Greater assurance with pre and post hospitalisation expenses covered and guaranteed renewal for life.


High annual coverage of up to

S$1.5 million 

Provides up to S$1.5 million of Annual Benefit Limit.   


Peace of mind with Health Connect 

Call Health Connect, a call-in service to get pre-authorisation of eligible medical expenses before hospitalisation.


Greater assurance for women and children

Covers pregnancy and childbirth complications as well as congenital abnormalities of your child.  It also reimburses the cost of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy1 .


Manage your hospitalisation bill with greater assurance 

As a complement to GREAT SupremeHealth P PLUS, GREAT TotalCare (ELITE) covers up to 95% of your total hospititalisation bill. 


How GREAT SupremeHealth works

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