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As part of our efforts to Go-Green and reduce our carbon footprint with paperless notifications, we have made most of your policy documents digitally available on eConnect and we have discontinued hardcopy letters sent by post.

We will continue to send hardcopy letters and notices for important correspondences, or where digital copies are not available.

Once you have logged in to eConnect, you can view your eDocuments via [My Document]. Look for the subcategory and document type mentioned in the SMS or email in order to view or download your eDocuments.

For example: [Letters and Notices] (Subcategory) – [Lapse Notice] (Document Type)

Alternatively, you can refer to [Recent eDocuments] to view your 30 most recent eDocuments.

eDocuments older than 3 years will not be shown on eConnect. You are also not able to view eDocuments under policies in which you are no longer the policyholder.

If you need to view eDocuments that are no longer on eConnect, you may contact our customer service at 1800 248 2888 or email us at wecare-sg@greateasternlife.com.

You are receiving a secure message as your email domain does not fall under Great Eastern's trust listing. Therefore, we are sending the eDocument as a secure message and will require you to download the message via the Great Eastern Message Centre.

Don't worry, the secure message is not a phishing email. Note that the email is sent from enotification-sg@greateasternlife.com.