Withdraw survival benefits or cash bonus

Depending on the type of policies you have bought, you may also have cash benefits that could be withdrawn to meet your financial needs. There are basically 2 types of cash benefits:

  • Survival Benefits
    This is a Cash Benefit payable to policyholders on the policy anniversary.
  • Cash Bonus
    This is a Cash Benefit payable to policyholders on each policy anniversary. 

Ways to apply for a withdrawal of cash benefits

  • Sign in to eConnect with Great ID or Singpass app to check your cash benefits and submit an online application.
  • Call your Great Eastern Financial Representative for assistance
  • Call us at 1800-248 2888 and speak to a Customer Service Officer. Your cheque will be ready within the same working day for collection our Customer Service Centre.
  • Drop by our Customer Service Centre personally.

Frequently asked questions

Cash Benefits payment refers to either Survival Benefits (three- or five-year interval) or Cash Bonus (yearly interval), which are payable at regular intervals during the term of the policy, provided the policy is in force.

Some of the plans are as follows:

  • Guaranteed RewardsFamily 3
  • Prime Gold Regular Saver
  • Dynamic Prolife (pays out both survival benefits and cash bonus)
  • SaversLife

Some of the plans are as follows:

  • Financier Whole Life
  • Dynamic Prolife with Cash Bonus
  • Dynamic Living Assurance Plan with Cash Bonus
  • FlexiLife 60 with Cash Bonus

Depending on the options that you have chosen at the start of the policy, you can either withdraw the amount as and when it is due, use it to pay for your premium, or simply keep it with our Company to earn interest.

The contract has provided for this. If there is any outstanding indebtedness (policy loan or APL) attached to the policy at the time the survival benefit is payable, the Company will automatically use it to offset the indebtedness first. Only the balance will be paid out or left on deposit with the company, depending on the cash benefit option (refer to Question 4 above).

Our current interest rate is #2.5% per annum. This deposit interest rate will be reviewed on a regular basis to reflect the future investment and interest climate.

Yes, you can withdraw the Cash Benefits together with any interest accumulated up to the date of withdrawal at any time. Interest is calculated on a daily basis.

You may log in to e-Connect to request for a withdrawal of your Cash Benefit.

You can deposit the cash benefit cheque with us only if it has not been presented. However, there is an administrative charge of S$30 per cheque. If the cash benefit cheque has been presented, it cannot be returned for deposit with the Company.

No. Cash Benefits are special benefits given and are different from the Bonus paid yearly to participating policies.

On the other hand, the Bonus Statement is to inform you of the Bonus that was allocated to your policy for a specific year. A Bonus is an annual payment from the Company’s surplus given to policies with participating profit.