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Make financial planning with your Financial Representative easy

The Great Eastern App can help to make financial planing with your Financial Representative hassle-free. Customers do not need to retrieve all the hardcopy insurance contracts for the Financial Representative to perform financial planning. With a few easy steps, you can devise a strategy to achieve long-term financial goals and cater for life's unexpected scenarios such as a critical illness, disability or mortality event.

How it works

Great Eastern app

Sign in to your Great Eastern app with Singpass or Great ID
Tap on "More" tab on the menu
Tap on SGFinDex button
Tap on "Sync data" to update your latest information
Tap on "Share with financial representative" button
Select the Financial Representative you want to share with and ensure the IAC code is correct
Select the insurer, government, bank and SGX CDP info that you want to share
Review the details and tap on "Proceed to share" to complete

What's next

Speak to a Great Eastern Financial Representative today for a financial health check, and how you can better plan your finances.

Alternatively, check out Great Eastern App to sync your financial information. The best part is, it's fuss free - you can automatically work out all your insurance policies.

Frequently asked questions

SGFinDex stands for Singapore Financial Data Exchange. It is a digital infrastructure that enables you to retrieve and share your financial data from Government agencies (via Myinfo) and private sector organisations (e.g. Insurers, Banks, CDP) with Great Eastern App

Singpass is required for the use of SGFinDex. Eligible users without a Singpass account may register for Singpass at https://www.singpass.gov.sg

There are stringent security measures in place to safeguard your personal data that passes through SGFinDex. Your data is encrypted when it is retrieved with your consent through SGFinDex, and will be securely decrypted and stored by the Great Eastern App. Your consent will be authenticated and authorised via Singpass.

Yes, you can choose your preferred Financial Representative to share your data with. Also, you have the flexibility to select which financial institution data you want to share, and a snapshot of the data at the point of sharing will be shared with your Financial Representative. Data shared with the Financial Representative will securely reside within the Great Eastern platforms, and only be used for the purpose of financial planning.