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Make a policy nomination

A policy nomination refers to the process of designating a person who will receive the benefits of the insurance policy in the event of death of the life assured.

All life, term, personal accident, ElderShield Comprehensive, and ElderShield ValuePlus policies that provide death coverage are eligible for nomination.

There are two types of nominations:

1. Revocable nomination

  • Any legal entity can be nominated, including individuals and organisations
  • The policyholder will retain full rights and ownership over the policy
  • Only death benefits will be payable to the nominees. All living benefits will be paid to the policyholder.


  • A new revocable nomination form will override a previous revocable nomination made (if any)
  • Dependants' Protection Scheme (DPS) customers should select this nomination type


2. Trust nomination

  • Only the policyholder's spouse or children can be nominated
  • A nominee or witness can also be named as the trustee
  • The policyholder can appoint himself or herself as one of the trustees, but they cannot receive the policy proceeds or give consent to revoke the nomination. Only another trustee can do so.
  • The policyholder loses all rights and ownership of the policy. All proceeds (living and death benefits) from the policy belong to the nominees named.
  • All proceeds will be payable to any one trustee (who is not the policyholder). If the policyholder is the sole trustee, the proceeds will be paid to the nominees.

Note: If a nominee passes away before the policyholder, his or her share of the policy proceeds will go to the nominee’s estate.

How to make a nomination


    How to make a nomination

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Questions and Answers

Yes, nominee details of a trust policy will be displayed on the Great Eastern app, however, trustee details are currently not supported. This will be added in a future enhancement.

No, nominee details made under the old Nomination of Beneficiary framework will not be displayed on the Great Eastern app. Only revocable nominations made under Section 133 of the Insurance Act will be displayed on the Great Eastern app.