Financial planning made easier with SGFinDex



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    See all the insurance you bought over time from all insurers organised neatly in one place.

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    Discover the coverage gaps for yourself, and all your life assured.

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    Do financial planning easily when your insurance and financial data are at your fingertips.

SGFinDex x Great Eastern

SGFinDex enables you to gather financial data across various insurers, banks, SGX and the government. This financial data gives a complete view of your insurance portfolio and allows our financial advisors to provide you with sound financial protection and savings plans.

Your Life Storyboard
Your Life Storyboard

Expert financial planning made simple

Use SGFinDex to produce the best financial plan with your Financial Representative.

All your coverage in one place

With SGFinDex, you can readily access your financial data in the Great Eastern app.

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    Gather policy information from all insurers securely

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    View your combined coverage for critical illness, death, disability, personal accident and hospitalisation

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    View the total account value for all your investment-linked plans

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    Bring all SGFinDex data into the Great Eastern app, or handpick just the ones you'd like to see


Getting started

Need some help? Here are some guides that'll get you through the use of SGFinDex on your Great Eastern app.


Want some help to get the most out of SGFinDex?

Your Financial Representative will step you through the use of SGFinDex and set it up on your Great Eastern app to enjoy all these benefits enabled by SGFinDex.

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