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Customer Service

At Great Eastern, we believe in performing everything with PASSION, servicing our customers with CONFIDENCE and taking full OWNERSHIP of every customer situation by following through on commitments made.

Policy Servicing

Servicing your policy

Your Insurance Policy is a long-term investment. To get the best out of your policy, we suggest you: 

Pay your premium promptly

Late payments may cause your policy to lapse, so remember to pay your premiums promptly whether or not you receive a premium notice from us. Once your policy lapses:

  • Your policy would no longer be valid should a claim arise.
  • You would have to declare your health in order to reinstate it.
  • There will be interest imposed.
  • You may not be able to get your policy restored if your health has deteriorated.

Keep in touch with your Financial Representative

Your Financial Representative can service your policy needs and advise you on any policy changes or company development. If you do not know your Financial Representative, call our Customer Service Officers at 1800-248 2888.

Keep us informed of any Personal Updates

If there are any changes in your personal particulars (such as a new address), you can update us via e-Connect. Alternatively, you may download and complete our Update of Personal Particulars form and send it to us. If you need any kind of assistance with your policy, there are many ways you can get help. Click here for the various options.

Links to commonly used services:

Download the following forms:


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Premium Payment

At Great Eastern, we advocate a cashless mode of payment and encourage all our Customers to make payments electronically using approved payment methods. Cashless payments offer safe and secured payment alternatives to Customers.

Great Eastern offers you multiple payment methods for your premiums, loans, top-ups, etc. which are safe, convenient and hassle-free.


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Commonly Used Services

Make a Policy Loan

Over time, your policy* will acquire a Cash Value. To meet your short-term financial needs, you can take a loan of up to 92% of the policy's cash value. However, it is important to continue to pay your premium every month after taking a policy loan. You should also pay off your loan as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will exhaust your cash value and your policy may run into Automatic Premium Loan (APL). For frequently asked questions on Policy Loan, click here

* Depends on the type of policy. Some policies such as GreatLink, Term and CPF policies do not have cash value.

Ways to Apply for a Policy Loan

  • Sign in to eConnect with Great ID or Singpass app to check your cash value and submit an online application.
  • Call your Great Eastern Financial Representative for assistance
  • Call us at 1800-248 2888 and speak to a Customer Service Officer. Your cheque will be ready within same working day for collection from our Customer Service Centre.
  • Drop by our Customer Service Centre personally. 

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Withdrawal of Survival Benefits/ Cash Bonus

Depending on the type of policies you have bought, you may also have cash benefits that could be withdrawn to meet your financial needs. There are basically 2 types of cash benefits:

  • Survival Benefits
    This is a Cash Benefit payable to policyholders on the policy anniversary.

  • Cash Bonus
    This is a Cash Benefit payable to policyholders on each policy anniversary. 

For frequently asked questions on Cash Benefits, click here.

Ways to Apply for a Withdrawal of Cash Benefits

  • Sign in to eConnect with Great ID or Singpass app to check your cash benefits and submit an online application.
  • Call your Great Eastern Financial Representative for assistance
  • Call us at 1800-248 2888 and speak to a Customer Service Officer. Your cheque will be ready within the same working day for collection our Customer Service Centre.
  • Drop by our Customer Service Centre personally.

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After Sales Service

Policyholders who need to contact us may do so in the following ways:

  • Contact your Financial Representative from Great Eastern Life
  • Log on to eConnect for online information about your policies
  • Call our Hotline at 1800-248 2888. You will find answers to most of the general enquiries via the automated service. You may also speak to a Customer Service Officer who will be happy to assist you.
  • Send an email enquiry to Wecare-SG@greateasternlife.com
  • Visit us at our Customer Service Centre
  • Fax us at 6535 2836 or 6534 5568

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Par Fund Update

Great Eastern Life (Participating Fund)

Great Eastern Life (Participating Fund 2) 
Previously known as Overseas Assurance Corporation Limited (“OAC”)

Great Eastern is embracing sustainability and moving towards e-statements

Following the new regulatory change, we will be sending your Annual Bonus Updates digitally. You will receive an SMS notification when your Bonus Statement is ready for viewing. These statements will be sent progressively in August this year. Please ensure that you maintain valid contact details with us so you can continue to receive updates on your policy matters. Thank you for supporting us in our sustainability efforts.
If you prefer to receive future statements in hardcopy, please login to eConnect to update your statement preference
  • Log on to eConnect
  • Go to ‘View Profile’, select ‘My Profile’
  • Select ‘Correspondence Preference’
  • Indicate your preferred option
For successful submission, you will receive an SMS and/or email.
Policyholders who are 60 years old and above will continue to receive hardcopy statements.


Receiving Payout via PayNow

Great Eastern policyholders can now choose to receive payouts via PayNow for selected transactions.

  1. What is PayNow?
    PayNow is an electronic fund transfer that allows you to receive funds conveniently using your NRIC or UEN without the need for bank account details or documents.

  2. How do I register to receive funds from Great Eastern via PayNow?
    You can register for PayNow via internet banking with any of the PayNow participating banks. At registration, you are required to link your NRIC number to your bank account. Please note that you must have already registered for PayNow before you can receive funds by providing your NRIC to Great Eastern.

  3. Which are the participating banks for PayNow?
    The list of participating banks can be located on The Association of Banks in Singapore site.

  4. Is there a transfer limit for PayNow?
    The transfer limit is up to SGD 200,000 per transaction / request submitted.

  5. Will there be any notification to me upon completion of the transfer?
    A SMS/letter will be sent to your mobile number registered with Great Eastern on the completion of the PayNow funds transfer.

  6. How can Great Eastern ensure that the person we are transferring funds to is the correct person? 
    Payouts are only made to NRIC linked PayNow account.

  7. What should I do in the event that Paynow transfer failed?
    Cheque will be issued to you in replacement of the failed PayNow transaction.

  8. What are other alternatives if i do not want to receive funds via PayNow?
    You may indicate your preferred mode in your written request. Other modes of payment that Great Eastern provides are:
    • Cheque
    • Direct Credit into your bank account – you would need to provide us a copy of your bank statement.
    • Telegraphic transfer – for policyholders who do not have any bank account in Singapore.
  9. Can I link my mobile number to a PayNow participating bank instead of my NRIC?
    In Great Eastern, PayNow is only available for Great Eastern policyholders who have their NRIC linked with the participating banks.

  10. What are the currencies supported by PayNow?
    Only Singapore Dollar fund transfer is available for PayNow.

  11. What are the benefits of electing to receive funds via PayNow?
    • A convenient way to receive funds
    • No requirement for policyholder to submit bank account details and/or required documents.

  12. Is there any fee chargeable to policyholder for option to use PayNow to receive funds? 
    The PayNow service is offered by Great Eastern free-of-charge to our policyholders.

  13. Are there any Terms and Conditions I need to agree to in order to use the PayNow service? 
    By submitting your written request to receive funds via PayNow, you agree to Great Eastern’s privacy statement. Our privacy statement is available here

  14. What should I do if I need to clarify on the funds which I received from Great Eastern into my PayNow account?
    Please contact Great Eastern for assistance. Our contact details can be retrieved via this link.

  15. Is PayNow operated by a third party service provider? Will my data be shared with this third party service provider?
    At present, PayNow is being operated by a third-party service provider appointed by the industry-wide scheme owner for PayNow. Adequate measures have been implemented to ensure the integrity, security and confidentiality of this data.

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