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Frequently Asked Questions for Health Connect

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1. What is Health Connect?

Health Connect is a complimentary benefit exclusive for GREAT SupremeHealth life assureds. This service is currently available only to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents. 

2. What are the services provided by Health Connect?

Health Connect is a call-in service to help you with:

  1. Specialist Appointment
    Scheduling an appointment with our selected panel of doctors across more than 20 different medical specialties.

  2. Pre-authorisation
    Assessment and pre-authorisation of expenses on proposed hospitalisation,medical and/or surgical expenses by the panel specialist against your GREAT SupremeHealth and/or GREAT TotalCare plan’s coverage (if any).

  3. Direct claim settlement
    With pre-authorisation completed, Great Eastern can settle your pre-authorised medical and/or surgical expenses directly with the hospital you are admitted into.

3. How it works?

This illustration below provides an overview of when you should call Health Connect and how its services can benefit you. Just call Health Connect if you require:

  1. Consultation with a specialist; or
  2. Pre-authorisation for a surgical procedure; or inpatient hospitalisation.
Here's an overview of how Health Connect works - Great Eastern

4. What is the contact number for Health Connect and what are the operating hours?

For both outpatient appointment booking and Pre-Authorisation request, kindly call Health Connect at 6563 2233.

Operation hours are as follows:

Day Time
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm

5. Who can call Health Connect for its services?

GREAT SupremeHealth life assureds can call Health Connect. However, if the life assured is under the age of 21, the policyholder may call Health Connect on his/her behalf.


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6. Are the specialists easily accessible?

Yes. Our specialist clinics are located island-wide to provide greater accessibility. We have specially selected specialists across more than 20 different medical specialties on our panel for your personal selection.

7. Where can I find the list of specialists under Health Connect’s panel?

View the full list of our Panel specialists here.

8. Is it easy to book an appointment via Health Connect?

Yes, just call Health Connect and our Health Connect Ambassador will assist you with the specialist appointment on your preferred dates, subject to availability.

Upon confirmation of appointment, an email confirmation will be sent to you within three (3) business days from your request.

9. Can I change my specialist appointment after it is confirmed?

Yes, you may contact the specialist clinic directly to change your appointment.

10. Can Health Connect help me make an appointment if I wish to consult a specialist in a Singapore Restructured Hospital?

No, Singapore Restructured Hospitals require appointment booking to be made by the patient personally or their next of kin.

11. Can Health Connect help me make an appointment if I wish to consult a specialist in a Singapore Private Hospital?

Health Connect can assist with appointment booking in Singapore Private Hospital only if the selected specialist is on the Health Connect panel.


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12. Can I get pre-authorisation* for my proposed medical and/or surgical expenses if I call Health Connect?

Pre-authorisation of your proposed medical and/or surgical expenses will be given, if the doctor or specialist whom you are consulting is:

  1. Practicing in a Singapore Restructured Hospital; or
  2. On our panel and practicing in a Singapore Private Hospital.

    *Issuance of pre-authorisation is subjected to policy terms and conditions.

13. How do I go about getting my medical expenses pre-authorised if I am now consulting a Panel Specialist?

The following process will serve as a guide to help you to get the assessment and pre-authorisation needed.

Step 1: Call Health Connect at 6563 2233
Request for pre-authorisation of proposed medical and/or surgical expenses.

You will receive a Pre-authorisation Request Formfrom our Health Connect Ambassador via email, within one (1) business day.

Step 2: Complete the “Pre-authorisation Request Form”. Scan the completed form and email to with supporting documents.

This email must be sent to the mentioned email address at least three (3) to ten (10) business days before your admission date.

What can you expect?

Upon receipt of the documents described in Step (2), our Health Connect Ambassador will assess your eligible medical and/or surgical expenses based on the estimated bill size against your GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare coverage (if any).

  • Within three (3) – five (5) business days, our Health Connect Ambassador will follow up with a phone call to advise you on the outcome of the pre-authorisation.
  • A Certificate of Pre-authorisation will be emailed to you after the call.
  • With this Certificate of Pre-authorisation,
    • The deposit required for hospital admission will be waived.
    • Upon discharge, Great Eastern will settle the eligible medical and/or surgical expenses directly with the hospital.

Please take note that:
Certificate of Pre-authorisation only covers the following:-

  • eligible in-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • eligible surgical expenses
  • eligible medical examinations and tests during hospitalisation

For medical and/or surgical expenses that Health Connect does not pre-authorise, please refer to Question 19.

14. I have received the Certificate of Pre-authorisation for my planned surgical treatment. However, my specialist has recommended additional medical treatment. Is the pre-authorisation still valid?

The assessment of eligible medical and/or surgical expense is based on the estimated bill size against the GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare
 coverage (if any).  Any changes to the doctor, hospital, admission date or prescribed treatment made will require a re-assessment.

Repeat the request as per Question 13.

15. What should I do if I need to change my hospital admission details on the Certificate of Pre-authorisation?

Please call Health Connect at 6563 2233 for assistance.

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16. What should I do in an emergency situation?

Health Connect service is to assist with pre-authorisation for planned hospitalisation. In an emergency situation, please proceed with the necessary medical and/or surgical treatment to avoid any serious impairment to your health.

17. Can my Great Eastern Financial Representative call Health Connect on my behalf?

Please note personal and medical information are governed by the Personal Data Protection Act. Your Great Eastern Financial Representative can only call Health Connect on your behalf when he/she has your explicit consent.

18. Can Health Connect pre-authorise all types of medical expenses?

No. The following medical expenses cannot be pre-authorised by Health Connect:

  • Pre & Post Hospitalisation
  • Short stay ward
  • Pregnancy and childbirth complication
  • Accidental Dental Treatment
  • Living Donor Organ transplant
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Outpatient Cancer treatment
  • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis treatment
  • Confinement in community hospitals
  • Overseas treatment

The claims for the above-mentioned items can either be submitted via e-filing or manually. Please seek advice from the hospital on the mode of claim submission.

19. Currently I am seeking a medical and/or surgical treatment with a non-panel specialist, should I switch to a Health Connect panel specialist?

If you feel it is the best option, you may consider changing your current non-panel specialist to our panel specialist to benefit from services offered under Health Connect. You may refer to Question 2 for the services provided by Health Connect.

20. Is Health Connect made available to a GREAT SupremeHealth life assured who is foreigner?

For GREAT SupremeHealth life assured who is a foreigner, Health Connect services will not be available. E-filing at the hospital will not be possible too. All claims are to be submitted manually to Great Eastern for reimbursement. The customer can contact the Financial Representative for assistance.

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