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#Career101 : How to get back into action after the holidays

Learn how to stay focused and map your way towards a successful future through these 5 low-SES ways

03 Jan 2023
#Career101 : How to get back into action after the holidays

2022 is the year where many Singaporeans are finally travelling again, after the long season of travel restrictions since 2020. Many of us are taking a well-deserved break and leaving our shores for a while to go skiing in Korea, or lounge in large affordable villas in Bali for the weekend, or swim in the wide open seas in Australia.

Before you know it, the holiday season is ending, and we’re all wondering how we can go back to work again after such a relaxing break. Just the thought of going back to the grind can ruin the holiday mood—there was a study by the American Psychological Association in 2018 that reported nearly 25% of working adults feel that all the positive benefits gained from their vacation disappear immediately upon returning to work.

So how can we prevent ourselves from losing steam and motivation at work, while at the same time enjoying the positive emotions that we’ve gained from the holidays? Here are some of our best tips:

How to get back into action after the holidays

Take your time and enjoy the new year

The new year only comes every 12 months, and it’s a precious time where motivations are high and people are optimistic at the prospect of new beginnings. Take your time to savour the moment and appreciate the time that has passed. And with Chinese New Year coming soon, technically you still have one more opportunity for a new year.

Happy new year everyone!

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