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January 2022

5 tips to prevent sports injuries in kids

An active lifestyle is a critical component of a holistic upbringing. To help optimise your child’s sporting experience, here are some injury prevention tips to keep in mind.

Published 21/01/2022 | Last Updated 114 days ago

Tips to prevent sport injuries in kids

1.       Physical assessment

As each child’s physical development is unique, the issues he or she faces may be very different from another child of the same age. Periodical assessment by a doctor or a health professional is a proactive way of maintaining your child’s health in a customised manner.


2.       Proper equipment

Ensure your child’s equipment fits appropriately. Eyewear should also be made of shatterproof material. Remember to get sunglasses with good UVA and UVB protection to protect your child’s eyes, and a cap or visor for extra shade.


3.       Warm up and cool down

Be vigilant about warming up and cooling down when you exercise. These routines help prevent injury by improving blood circulation, muscle development and increasing your child’s range of motion.


4.       Proper hydration

Most kids will forget to hydrate, especially when they’re having fun.  Ensure that your child takes fluids before, during and after a match or practice session, to avoid heat-related illnesses include headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.


5.       Early detection and intervention

Be open when your child complains about any pain. Look for any unusual changes in technique or behaviour, which can be a way to avoid pain.


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