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Lifestyle - trends, triumphs and turmoil in pop 23

2023 wrapped: Trends, triumphs and turmoil in pop

10 pop culture moments of 2023

15 Dec 2023
2023 wrapped: Trends, triumphs and turmoil in pop

2023 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. From new movie releases to shocking headlines, pop culture in 2023 has gifted us with pure, unbridled chaos. So, let’s take a look back at the moments that defined pop culture in the past year.

1. Taylor Swift concert
2023 was the year of the Swifties! Taylor Swift’s Global Eras Tour saw insane races for seat tickets amongst Singaporeans. It’s important to remember to bring a fan, hydrate well, and avoid cramming to the front to give others breathing space to revel in the presence of your idol for the night! Of course, a little personal accident insurance comes in handy as well.

Taylor Swift concert

2. The Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2023 marks the 14th year of the Affordable Art Fair’s presence in Singapore as they continue to make contemporary art accessible to all in Singapore. This time, held at the F1 Pit Building, the fair earned a record-breaking $5 million in sales! With over 1,000 original contemporary artworks across a diverse array of artistic expressions, there’s no doubt in finding the perfect piece to add to your home or collection. As you anticipate the next Affordable Art Fair, it might be a good idea to explore home insurance to safeguard your upcoming additions.

Adults walking past an art exhibit

3. Physical 100
South Korea continues its streak of global hits on Netflix with the latest sensation, "Physical 100." This show features 100 contestants in peak physical condition facing intense challenges. Do consider a personal accident insurance and ensure your own safety before attempting such viral challenges!

Gym-goers doing a hanging challenge

4. Paris bed bugs outbreak
It started from Paris, and spread all the way to Seoul! The mysterious case for bed bug outbreaks saw a widespread government initiative to clear the pests with obligatory disinfections. Its travel industry also jumped in by doubling the frequency of checks in the airport! The outbreak even spread to our homeland, with local pest control firms reporting an increase in bed bug infestations after trips overseas. The next time you travel, make sure to disinfect your items upon reaching home – and get that travel insurance to cover yourself in the case of unexpected events like this!

Paris through a viewhole

5. Barbenheimer
Naturally, two extremely different summer movies that would attract polar opposite film-buffs. But the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer turned out to form a collective phenomenon of jokes, memes, comics, and fan art of mashups pairing the two mega-movies. While audiences partook in the viral trend of wearing all pink for Barbie and black for Oppenheimer, the films surprisingly shared themes of existentialism that audiences resonated with, becoming box office hits that will be a legend to remember! For those inspired by the movies and want to revamp your homes, check out these Barbie dream house imaginations, along with home insurance to make sure you’re all covered for those home makeovers!

A cinema featuring of The Barbie movie and Oppenheimer

6. Flea markets and thrifting in Singapore
Thrifting is gaining popularity among young Singaporeans, and pop-up flea markets and vintage fairs have been all the rage recently. One particular flea market that blew up in 2023 was The Hammock Market, which has become a Saturday ritual for many. Held every Saturday, the market offers a unique shopping experience where clothes are displayed on hammocks. Local artisans showcase crafts like pottery and handmade jewelry, and there are even activities such as tarot readings! As you plan to bring home a big bag of thrifted finds from Hammock Market next Saturday, also explore our wealth insurance plans to grow your savings.

Jewelry and crafts on display

7. Singapore Grand Prix
When talking about some of the greatest live entertainment in the world, you cannot forget Formula 1 races. The Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023 gave us an exhilarating experience once again. The sheer hype generated by racing enthusiasts was at an all-time high ever since its pandemic-induced postponement. This time, the turnout far outstripped the anticipated attendance with a head count of 264,108 fans! The event was laurelled as ‘Best Race’ of the season, and even ‘Best Team of Officials’ by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). If you’re attending such events with a massive attendance, remember to get a personal accident insurance just in case you get into a crowd-related accident!

Singapore F1 pit lanes

8. Super Bowl Halftime show 
Rihanna’s Superbowl performance took the internet by storm with its jaw-dropping mega-crew of dancers, all led by Rihanna in a bright red fit showing off her baby bump proudly! It became the most watched show of all-time, accompanied by numerous dance challenges by audiences excited to mimic the comical (but strangely attractive) performance! For all the active mothers out there, having health insurance ensures you can still do the most even while carrying your little one!

Super Bowl LVII

9. Silicon Valley Bank shut down
This was the largest bank to shut down since the financial crisis in 2008, and it took the finance world by shock, affecting the general public, investors, and the economy in general! As you wrap up the year, remember to do a financial health check. Check out our very own free financial planning digital service – the Financial Storyboard.

Silicon Valley Bank

10. David Holmes: The boy who lived
The newly-released HBO documentary is a welcome addition you should check out if you’re an avid fan of the series. It is a reminder of life’s vulnerability and stresses on the importance of living in the present. Be prepared for life’s uncertainties with a life insurance that covers total permanent disability.

Lego Harry Potter and friends

Pop Culture moves fast, and the news cycle moves just as fast – oftentimes we can’t keep up with the onslaught of news on the internet. Whether it's jumping on a trend, going to a concert, or booking a holiday inspired by a film you watched, we’ve been busy trying to keep up with the turbulence of 2023! As we welcome the new year, make sure to have the appropriate insurance in hand with you for the next year of surprises and sensations!

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