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5 tips behind the wheel

Road safety starts with you

06 Sep 2023
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5 tips behind the wheel
5 tips behind the wheel

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1. Three-second rule

Driving at a reasonable pace allows you plenty of time and space to respond to unexpected situations. Increase your distance when you’re driving in bad weather, heavy traffic and when behind large vehicles.

2. Steering is King

Always keep your hands on the steering wheel to respond quickly in case the car suddenly loses control. The steering wheel is the first place you will sense if there’s anything amiss with the car.

3. Smooth operator

Be extra gentle with your pedals as you increase or decrease the pressure. Being too harsh on the accelerator pedal will not only make you go faster but increase your chances of swerving.

4. Ditch distractions

Put your phone on silent mode and never use it while driving. If you use it for directions, make sure it is mounted where you can easily see it.
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5. A constant eye

A constant awareness of what is happening in front, around and behind will enable you to respond appropriately to any challenge. Monitor both your rear and side mirrors from time to time to always be alert.

Car insurance
Car insurance

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