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GREAT Maid Protect Review 2024

Find out what GREAT Maid Protect offers to provide the ultimate peace of mind.

22 Mar 2024
GREAT Maid Protect Review 2024
GREAT Maid Protect Review 2024

Find out what GREAT Maid Protect offers to provide the ultimate peace of mind.

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Domestic helpers not only assist with household chores but also often serve as guardians of our homes in our absence. They undertake responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for our children and pets. This highlights the importance of purchasing a good insurance plan for them, serving as a financial safety net in instances of illness, which may lead to substantial medical expenses. Moreover, domestic helper insurance is essential to safeguard employers in the event of premature termination of contracts or if they cause damage to third parties.

Addressing all these concerns, GREAT Maid Protect stands out by providing one of the most comprehensive coverage, offering employers peace of mind. Notably, the high coverage for Helper’s Liability, ensures protection for both Employers and Helpers. Additionally, what makes GREAT Maid Protect unique is its coverage extension for nannies, a feature not commonly found in other plans. Delve into the specifics of the plan to see if it’s the right plan for you!


GREAT Maid Protect offers four kinds of plans:

  • Nanny plan (only for Malaysians)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

You can also choose from two coverage periods — 14 months and 26 months. Here’s an overview of what they entail:

Key features

Enjoy up to $90,000 of hospital and surgical expenses

Your helper’s health is definitely your main priority. Aside from the worry of having a family member fall sick, the medical expenses would be a concern as well since they are foreigners and would not be entitled to government subsidies.

With the GREAT Maid Protect, you can claim up to S$90,000 of hospital and surgical expenses, including expenses like specialists’ pre-hospitalisation consultation, diagnostic x-rays, laboratory tests and follow-up treatments. This also extends to cover communicable diseases like COVID-19, H1N1, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, SARS and Tuberculosis. This is applicable if your helper is required to stay in hospital in class-B2 and class-C wards as a result of injury or illness caused or arising in Singapore. If your helper is admitted in a better class ward, the claims will be pro-rated accordingly:


Nanny Plan (only for Malaysians) Silver Gold Platinum
Insurance guarantee NA S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000
Personal accident:

Death Permanent disability Medical Expenses Treatment from a physician (per accident)
S$60,000 S$2,000 S$150
S$60,000 S$2,000 S$150
S$60,000 S$3,000 S$150
S$60,000 S$3,000 S$150
Hospital and surgical expenses — fully paid by the insurer First S$15,000 First S$15,000 S$60,000 (no co-payment) S$90,000 (no co-payment)
Hospital and surgical expenses — co-payment of 75% by insurers (and 25% for employers) for claim amounts above the first $15,000 S$60,000 (above S$15,000) S$60,000 (above S$15,000) S$60,000 (no co-payment) S$90,000 (no co-payment)
Repatriation S$10,000 S$10,000 S$10,000 S$10,000
Recuperation expenses (per day, max 60 days) NA S$20 S$20 S$30
Wages, compensation and levy refund (per day, max 60 days) NA S$35 S$35 S$35
Ending employment and hiring a replacement NA S$350 S$350 S$500
Special grant NA S$1,000 S$1,000 S$3,000
Employer’s liability to the insured person NA S$50,000 S$50,000 S$50,000
Liability to third parties NA S$50,000 S$50,000 S$50,000
Fidelity guarantee (Excess: S$50) NA S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000
Insured person’s belongings NA S$300 S$300 S$300
Ward type Reduction
Ward in a private hospital 60%
A1 ward in a Singapore government hospital, restructured hospital or community hospital 50%
A2 ward in a Singapore government hospital, restructured hospital or community hospital 40%
B1 ward in a Singapore government hospital, restructured hospital or community hospital 30%


If you purchase a Nanny or Silver plan, there is a co-payment involved if the total amount of hospital and surgical expenses you claim is more than S$15,000 in a policy year. Here’s how much you’ll need to pay:

Hospital and surgical expenses Co-payment
Up to S$15,00 None
Above S$15,000, up to the limit 25% of the amount being claimed


Best Feature: High coverage up to $50,000 for helper's liability to third party

The plan also includes a liability to third parties' coverage for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans (Nanny Plan not included). This covers you for the amount you need to pay as compensation for an accident that is caused by your helper’s negligence, if there is any loss or damage to a third party’s property, or if they are injured or passed on as a result of it. This particular benefit is extremely important because causing any injury or even death to a third party can be very costly if you’re held liable for the costs. And let’s face it, mistakes do happen, so such instances may be alot more common than you think.

Some more common examples of this include:

  • Your helper accidentally drops a flower pot and causes death to a passer-by
  • Your helper is walking your dog on a leash, but your dog attacks and causes injury to a passer-by
  • Your helper forgets to switch the stove off which causes a fire and later spreads to your neighbour’s house 

Helper's Liability will cover the legal liabilities for the above scenarios up to S$50,000 across all plans.

Up to $5,000 for any financial losses

As an employer, this insurance plan will benefit you as well. Under the fidelity guarantee, you are able to make a claim of up to S$5,000 for any financial losses your helper caused you, as a result of fraud or dishonest acts.

This includes cases like your helper stealing your belongings or cheating you of your money.

In order to make a successful claim, you’ll have to file a police report and submit it as proof. Do note that each claim incurs an excess of S$50.

Tiers and premiums

Here is an overview of the premiums you’ll be paying. Do note that the Nanny Plan is only available for Malaysians, while the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are for non-Malaysians.

The premiums vary in terms of the coverage period and age. Helpers above the age of 50 will incur a higher premium.

Age and country Coverage period Nanny plan (only for Malaysians) Silver Gold Platinum
30, Malaysia 14 months S$231.12 NA NA NA
30, Malaysia 26 months S$428.76 NA NA NA
51, Malaysia 14 months S$308.88 NA NA NA
51, Malaysia 26 months S$574.56 NA NA NA
30, Myanmar 14 months NA S$277.56 S$385.56 S$453.60
30, Myanmar 26 months NA S$516.24 S$624.24 S$749.52
51, Myanmar 14 months NA S$435.24 S$543.24 S$732.24
51, Myanmar 26 months NA S$807.84 S$915.84 S$1,266.84
Pros and cons
Pros Cons
Comprehensive coverage Premiums are slightly higher
High coverage for medical expenses Does not cover pre-existing conditions (unless the insured person has continually been covered under another maid insurance and there was no break in cover between the end of that maid policy and the start of this policy)
Cover both pre- and post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 90 days  -
High coverage for third party liability  -

Overall, the GREAT Maid Protect is an all-rounded insurance plan that offers higher-than-average coverage, especially for medical expenses and third-party liability. With regards to medical expenses, they offer very high outpatient support benefits of up to S$2,000 and also cover both pre- and post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 90 days. Though the premiums are considered a bit pricier compared to other plans, what you pay is what you get. For such a comprehensive plan that offers high coverage, the premiums are definitely justified. However, one downside is that the plan does not cover any pre-existing conditions that your helper has, which may be an issue for some — unless there was continuous coverage with no policy breaks in between the previous and new policy.

Important exclusions of the plan

Here are some exclusions (but not limited to) that are not covered under this plan:

Group A: Treatment that is elective and not medically necessary

  • Ambulance fees 
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental work (except due to accidental injuries)
  • Vaccination 

Group B: Treatment resulting from Insured or Insured Person’s act

  • Treatment of conditions or injuries arising from any malicious/willful/illegal acts by the Insured or their family members
  • Treatment for conditions or injuries arising from any criminal acts committed by the Insured Person
  • Maternity charges (including Caesarean operations or abortions and their related complications)
  • Treatment for conditions or injuries arising from voluntary participation in hazardous sports, which include winter sports, underwater activity, aerial activity
  • Treatment of venereal diseases and/or sexually transmitted diseases

Group C: Others

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Overseas medical treatment 
  • Treatment relating to birth defects, congenital abnormalities, hereditary conditions or conditions arising therefrom
  • Terrorism 

For a full list of exclusions, check out their policy wording, which can be downloaded here.

How to claim

You’ll need to complete the online claim form and submit it with all the required documents:


  • A copy of the death certificate
  • Autopsy report, coroner’s findings, etc. 
  • Police report, if any 

Hospital and surgical expenses

  • Original final hospital tax invoice/ medical receipts
  • Medical report and inpatient discharge summary
  • Police report, if any

For more information on claims, click here


Information correct as at 21 March 2024.


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GREAT Maid Protect

Up to S$90,000 in reimbursement of hospitalisation and surgical expenses, including overseas medical emergencies and communicable diseases such as COVID-19.

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