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March 2022

How to master your finances based on your personality

Some simple questions to help you discover your money personality type

Published 11/03/2022 | Last Updated 114 days ago

How To Master Your Finances Based On Your Personality

Did you know that how you react to money is determined by your personality? In fact, understanding your money personality is the first step to unlocking the best way for you to spend, save, and invest. And with so much uncertainty going on, there’s no better time for you to have a good handle on your finances – especially when you have life goals you’re working towards.


Here are some simple questions to help you discover your money personality type.


Are you comfortable only when you have large sums of liquid cash?

If you’re happiest when you have large amounts of money at your disposal to spend, save, and invest, then you might be an Amasser. You tend to equate money with self-worth and power, so a lack of money may lead to feelings of failure, and even depression.


Are you the sort to buy without worry?


If you derive satisfaction from spending money on gifts for yourself and others, you might be a Spender. Because you are likely to spend without a budget, saving might be a challenge for you and this may make it difficult for you to make future-oriented purchases and long-term financial goals.


Are you the type to put off anything to do with money?

If you’re always waiting till the eleventh hour to pay your bills, or to file your taxes, you might be an Avoider. You might have a hard time managing your finances because you’re likely to avoid budgeting or even keeping track of how much you have, owe, or spend.


Are you frugal and finding it hard to spend money?

If you like to save money to the point where you have a hard time spending money on yourself and your loved ones, you might be a Hoarder. You like to prioritise your financial goals and your work towards them by sticking to a budget and reviewing it periodically.


Are you of the impression that money is the root of all evil?

If you think that money is bad and that if you have too much of it, it will corrupt you, you might be a Money Monk. You understand that money is needed to survive, but you want as little to do with it as possible. In fact, that’s probably why you identify with people of modest means rather than with those who amass wealth.


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