Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024

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Roadshow Partnership Programme

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Section A (Partnership Details)


IMPORTANT: All campaign leads from PURL (QR Code) will be channelled to the PIC IAC


Section B (Installation)

Recommended to be more than 14 days if hi-res photo of gift item is not ready

IMPORTANT: Installation date to be more than 10 days from Application date or application would be voided


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Section C (Campaign & Collateral Details) 


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Campaign End Date should be within 2 weeks to 3 months after Campaign Start Date (Installation Date)

IMPORTANT: Please read before submitting

Please take note of the following as they may affect the application approval status

1. Please ensure all dates are within range to prevent voiding of application. (IMPORTANT)

2. Please ensure promotional gift items are ready on installation date (Campaign start date)

3. You will receive a digital copy of the collateral. Please counter check the QR code to see if it reflects your PIC’s IAC/Campaign Code correctly

4. Gift image (Below 5mb) can be sent to to expedite the process if you already have the gift image. You can also send it when you receive the installation email.


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