Great Eastern App travel offer

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Great Eastern App travel offer
TravelSmart Premier
  • Up to 20%* off on Classic or Elite TravelSmart Premier Plan
    Use promo code <TSP20%> for 20% off single trip 2-way plan
    Use promo code <TSP10A>for 10% off annual multi-trip plan
  • A chance to win 100%+ rebate when you purchase via the Great Eastern App

*Promotion is valid from 1 January to 31 March 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

+Promotion is valid from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2024. Refer to full terms and conditions below. 

Terms and Conditions


1. The. Draws

1.1. The draws are organised and conducted by The Great Eastern Life Assurance Co. Ltd. (“GELS”).

1.2. The draws are valid from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2024, both dates inclusive (“Qualifying Periods”).

2. The Eligibility

2.1. The draws are open to Great Eastern customer(s) who have purchased TravelSmart Premier policy plans (as specified below) via Great Eastern App, during the Qualifying Periods (each a “Customer” and collectively “Customers”).

2.2. TravelSmart Premier Elite and Classic single trip plans and annual multi-trip plans will be eligible.

2.3 Customer(s) who have not cancelled their policies within the Qualifying Period.

3. Conduct of the Lucky Draws and Lucky Draw Prizes

3.1. TravelSmart Premier winners will receive 100% cashback based on their final payment amount, capped at S$200. The cashback will be awarded to policyholder only.

3.2. Ten (10) winners will be chosen during each of the Qualifying Purchase Periods, each winner will stand to win a 100% cashback:

Lucky Draws Qualifying Purchase Periods Draw Dates
Draw 1 1 October 2023 to 31 October 2023 (both dates inclusive) 30 November 2023
Draw 2 1 November 2023 to 30 November 2023 (both dates inclusive) 31 December 2023
Draw 3 1 December 2023 to 31 December 2023 (both dates inclusive) 31 January 2024
Draw 4 1 January 2024 to 31 January 2024 (both dates inclusive) 29 February 2024
Draw 5 1 February 2024 to 29 February 2024 (both dates inclusive) 31 March 2024
Draw 6 1 March 2024 to 31 March 2024 (both dates inclusive) 30 April 2024

3.3. Each winner will be entitled to a maximum of one (1) lucky draw chance in each of the draw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 corresponding to purchase date. For example, customer(s) won in draw 1 for purchase(s) made between 1 October to 31 October. Customer(s) will still stand a chance to win in draw 2 for purchase(s) made between 1 November to 30 November.

3.4. The winners will receive their cashback within 60 days from the draw dates and will be notified via SMS.

3.5. The lucky draw cashback will be credited to each winner’s PayNow account tagged to NRIC.

3.6. The lucky draw cashback is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and non-redeemable for any other prizes. GELS reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to terminate the promotion or make changes to the promotion or any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

3.7. The decision of GELS on all matters relating to this promotion shall be final and binding.

3.8. Information is correct as of 1 October 2023.