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It is important to be protected - whether it is making sure that the home you created and your loved ones are safe, or that the business you have built is able to weather any storm. 

At Great Eastern we understand your needs. That’s why we give you access to diverse and personalised plans that help you protect your family and safeguard all that matters most to you.

Protect myself and my family
Save for the future
Build my wealth

Protect myself and my family

Great Eastern provides you with a wide range of flexible insurance solutions so you find exactly what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Life protection
As we go through life, our needs evolve. With Great Eastern, you will get tailored solutions that are catered to meet your needs at different stages of your life.
Great Flexi Protect Series
GREAT Flexi Protect Series | Multiplied Lifetime Coverage

#Lifeproof your lifelong multiplied coverage to protect you and your loved ones

Your loved ones deserve proper planning to ensure a lifelong financial safety net for them. Their lifestyles and dreams can carry on without disappointment, should the unfortunate happen to you prematurely and you are no longer able to provide for them.

The GREAT Flexi Protect Series offers you a choice of three whole life participating plans, along with three optional riders.

GREAT Flexi Protect 2 covers Death, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Terminal Illness (TI) and Accidental TPD (ATPD).

GREAT Flexi Living Protect 2 covers Death, TPD, ATPD, TI and Critical Stage of Critical Illness (CI) with Additional Benefit1.

GREAT Complete Flexi Living Protect 2 covers Death, TPD, ATPD, TI and Early, Intermediate and Critical Stages of CI with Additional Benefit2.

You have the flexibility to choose up to three optional riders that provide coverage for Death, TPD, TI, choice of CI at the Early and Intermediate Stages, and/or Critical Stage with Additional Benefit for enhanced and multiplied coverage. 

Key benefits
  • Lifetime coverage that increases as you age
  • Additional cash payouts for critical illnesses and medical conditions
  • Multiply your coverage by 200%, 300% or more
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Health protection
Ensuring you have access to adequate care is crucial. At Great Eastern, we have designed insurance solutions that suit your age group, health needs – and budget.
Enjoy coverage for medical treatment and surgery

Knowing your medical costs are covered whether you need treatment or surgery is reassuring.

Unique to Great Eastern Brunei, Premier Health Plan offers comprehensive and affordable medical coverage, which includes reimbursement of inpatient expenses for surgery, intensive care and pre and post hospital treatment.

It also covers you for potentially costly care for kidney dialysis or treatment for cancer, helping to ease the financial burden of high medical costs.

Key benefits
  • Receive worldwide coverage all day, every day
  • Female assurance
  • Enjoy easy, guaranteed sign-up
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Personal accident protection
The cost of an accident can be expensive. At Great Eastern you’ll find the right plan to let you enjoy your freedom with peace of mind.
Enjoy comprehensive coverage against accidents

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – and could mean huge bills for treatment and recovery. Essential Protector Plus reimburses you for medical expenses incurred due to accidents, anywhere in the world. And, if the accident occurs while you're overseas - and you seek treatment in that country - your medical expenses reimbursement limit will be doubled1.

That’s not all. If you're hospitalised due to an accident, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or food poisoning, Essential Protector Plus also offers a daily hospital income benefit, which will help make up for loss of income while you recover.

Plus, the plan offers lump sum payouts for permanent disablement or death from accidents.

Key benefits
  • Be reimbursed for medical expenses
  • Receive daily income when in hospital
  • Enjoy easy, guaranteed sign-up
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Strengthen your protection

Enhance your Great Eastern plan’s coverage with our wide range of complementary riders and add-on plans.

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