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Benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise  - Part 1 – Live Great – Great Eastern Life

Regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, non-insulin dependent diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity. It can also improve your mood while helping you to better manage your stress levels.

Recommended hours of exercise
For the greatest overall health benefits, experts recommend that you do at least 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three or more times a week. On top of that, it is also advisable to work on some type of muscle strengthening activity and stretching twice a week. For substantial health benefits, you can accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity a day, at least five times a week.

Why time spent on exercising can change your life
Not only does regular physical activity help reduce the risk of illness and premature death, it also promotes a person's mental well-being. Here are more health benefits of regular exercise:

With the right combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise, you'll experience a peak in your energy levels while activating fat loss and increased muscle strength.

Self-discipline developed and learned through regular exercise will spill over into other areas of your life, which empowers a more confident you.

Regular exercise helps to keep the brain active, stimulating focus and concentration, right up to old age. It can also prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's and senility.

The combination of a well-planned diet and regular exercise can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, greatly diminishing the likelihood of having a heart attack.

Exercises, especially weight-bearing, reduces the risk of osteoporosis by building bone tissue.

Estradiol and progesterone, two ovarian hormones linked to breast cancer are lowered in the body through regular exercise.

Physical activity becomes less strenuous as your muscles become stronger and more flexible.

Exercise promotes the production of endorphins (feel good hormones), which suppresses depression and mood swings in an individual.

  1. Increased Energy
  2. Increased Self-Esteem
  3. Increased Mental Focus
  4. Decreased Risk of a Heart Attack
  5. Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
  6. Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer (by up to 60%)
  7. Increased Strength and Stamina
  8. Reduction in Stress

Exercise Tips: 6 steps to the peak of a healthy life

Step 1: Alternate 2-3 days of high-intensity strength training with 2-3 days of high-intensity cardio.

Step 2: Have a protein/carb shake or a meal, along with water before the workout.

Step 3: Do 30-40 minutes of circuit training, with no rest or little rest between exercises within a circuit, and a short rest between circuits if you do more than one.

Step 4: Work out your entire body using compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, pull-ups and good mornings, as well as standing or using a Swiss ball to work out your core.

Step 5: Usage of heavier weights, one set for each exercise, and doing them slowly (5 second up, 5 seconds down), ensures good form on each exercise.

Step 6: For high-intensity cardio workouts, take short rests in between intervals. Depending on the type of cardio exercise you do, it is possible to incorporate gradient for higher intensity.

Exercise Tips: How to prevent injuries while exercising
The best cure for injuries is prevention. Here are some effective ways to avoid injuries:

  • Build up your level of physical activity gradually over time.
  • Listen to your body for early warning pains.
  • Be aware of possible signs of heart problems such as pain or pressure in the left mid-chest area, left neck, shoulder, or arm during or just after exercising, sudden dizzy spells, cold sweat, pallor or fainting.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 2 hours after a heavy meal.

From improving mental and emotional well-being to improving endurance levels through regular workouts, the effects of physical activity are phenomenal. Nevertheless, don't forget to check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise regime. The solution to a healthier you is just 30 minutes away!


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