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Unleash your mind

Unleash your mind- Live Great – Great Eastern Life

Your mental health and the health of your brain are connected. A healthy brain and active mind are stimulated in a variety of ways to grow your mental, emotional and intellectual wellness.

The living brain
The brain is one of the most fascinating and complex organs in the human body. The control centre for all our physical movements and organ functions, the brain is also the seat of our intelligence, the cache of our memories and holds the very essence of our personal identity.

The brain grows at a phenomenal rate from the time we are born and stops growing physically once we reach our mid 20s. While the number of cells in your brain starts to decline in adulthood, research indicates that the connections between the brain cells can continue to grow. This means the brain can still develop its abilities if you stimulate it. In the long term, your brain is more resilient. Research shows that a stimulated brain is less likely to develop cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's Disease in old age.

Mind your brain
Achieving mental alertness, acuity and dexterity does not take a lot of time or effort and can be an enjoyable respite from the day.

Some great exercises for the brain include:

  • Any problem-solving activity (crosswords, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles)
  • Reading
  • Any memorising activity (in card or computer games)
  • Strategy-based board games (Scrabble, Risk, Monopoly)

The brain is also activated and rejuvenated in other ways:

  • Outdoor exercise and activity
  • Experiencing nature
  • Laughter/humour
  • Deep breathing

Mental wealth is health
A brain that is kept active with a variety of thinking exercises, rejuvenating activity and varied stimuli not only builds a rich network of neural connections, but also forms the basis of good mental health.

Mental wellness - the ability to think positively about challenges - brings about a number of benefits and an added quality of life:

People who are mentally and emotionally healthy tend to:

  • Feel more contented
  • Have zest for life
  • See the humour and bright side of things
  • Deal better with stress
  • Bounce back from adversity
  • Look for solutions rather than focus on problems
  • Have a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Be more flexible to change
  • Maintain better work-life balance
  • Enjoy more fulfilling relationships
  • Have high self-confidence and self-esteem

Build your mental wellness
Mental wellness can be developed in a variety of ways. Some tips on beginning your journey towards a happier, more emotionally-adjusted you, include:

  • Doing positive things for others in your daily life and/or through volunteerism
  • Practicing self-discipline. This helps you build will power and mental resilience to overcome feelings of helplessness
  • Learning new things in the form of new hobbies, ideas or skills
  • Taking some 'me' time. Being alone to reflect on your own desires, aspirations and goals can help inspire you
  • Enjoying beauty. It's all around you: in the night sky, in a flower or animal, in music and art and in the smile on another's face. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you
  • Getting creative. Human beings are unique in that we are able to express our thoughts and ideas in words, music, art and other creative forms. Engage your brain and tap its imaginative powers by taking up art, sketching, singing or playing an instrument

Counting your blessings. Take time to think about all the little things you take for granted: the ability to move and walk with ease, your family, the pleasure in a favourite drink or snack or the sight of a sunset, rainbow or flower

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