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Easi-Drive 2

Motor Insurance

Easi-Drive 2 | Road Accident Insurance and Passenger Protection

Drive with total peace of mind.

With road accidents occurring regularly, protection is a must, because your safety—and that of your passengers—isn’t always in your hands.


Written in simple English without legal jargon, the Easi-Drive 2 personal accident insurance policy provides coverage for you and your passengers on an unnamed basis while travelling within Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, and applies to travelling in any private car, not just your own car. This policy is offered in different units with affordable pricing to meet your needs.

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Key benefits

Medical and surgical treatment

Reimbursement of all medical and surgical expenses up to the amount insured; reimbursement of traditional treatments (such as traditional Chinese medicine) up to RM25 per visit and a maximum of RM250 per accident provided Western medical treatment is sought first.

Hospital confinement cash allowance

Cash allowance of RM200/day for a maximum of 60 days upon confinement in a hospital for more than 24 hours for medical treatment.

Car assistance programme

Road assistance service ranging from 24-hour emergency towing and roadside repair up to RM300 per accident, car replacement assistance, arrangement of hotel accommodation as a result of accidents, and referral to accredited service or repair centres.

Additional benefits

Accidental death and permanent disablement

Compensation for death and permanent disablement will be paid in accordance with the selected plan as specified in the Table of Benefits.

Cosmetic surgery and dental treatment

Coverage for corrective cosmetic surgery performed on the head or neck, or treatment of injury or damage to your natural teeth up to the amount insured.

Bereavement allowance

Payment for bereavement allowance in the event of death of the insured person in accordance with the selected plan.

Double indemnity

Pays double the benefits for death or permanent total and incurable paralysis from the neck down or permanent complete and incurable insanity suffered by any person following an accident while travelling in your car and when the accident occurs:


  • during a nationwide public holiday
  • in any state in Malaysia which was observing a state public holiday
  • while participating in any organised motor treasure hunt

Loss of / damage to personal effects

In the event of an accident, we will compensate the loss of/ or damage to the insured persons’ personal belongings, such as watches, pens and jewellery, up to RM250 per accident.

Guardian’s allowance

If a child passenger (aged 15 days to 15 years) is involved in the accident and is hospitalised, we will pay the parent/guardian an allowance of RM50 per night up to a maximum of 60 nights.

Ambulance charges

Road ambulance services will be reimbursed up to RM200.

Car rental and travelling allowance

If your car is damaged in an accident while travelling within Malaysia and undergoes repair for up to more than three (3) days, we will subsidise a daily cash amount for car rental or daily travelling expense for up to seven (7) days in accordance with the plan you have selected.

Hotel accommodation

Should an accident happen and immobilise your vehicle while you are travelling more than 100km away from your usual place or residence, we will pay up to RM500 per night stay in a hotel located at the town closest to the site of the accident.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.


Coverage for persons aged 15 days to 80 years old.

Like all insurance policies, the Easi-Drive 2 also contains exclusions such as war, terrorism, strike, riot and civil commotion, accident due to suicide or attempted suicide, childbirth, injuries sustained while the vehicle is used for hire, racing, road rally, speed-testing or other illegal activities, injuries sustained while you as driver or the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of intoxication drugs or liquor and/or without possession of a valid driving licence.

Other conditions

Vehicles registered for private and social use only.


If, at the time of accident, the actual number of persons travelling in your vehicles exceeds the number specified in the schedule, our limit of liability per person under all benefits shall be reduced by the ratio of the actual number of persons to that of the number of persons declared, not inclusive of the driver.


For your convenience and peace of mind, our Motor Insurance covers againts loss and damage to your car.


Implementation of Phased Liberalisation / De-Tariffication of Motor Insurance in Malaysia. 
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Should you require any further product information, you may call us at 1300-1300 88 (press “2” for General Insurance).

Alternately, you may email us at gicare-my@greateasterngeneral.com.

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