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Opt-In Medical Campaign

by opting in at a minimal cost!

Opt-in and receive the following benefits to your current medical plan/rider, with no medical underwriting required:

New Coverage/ Benefits Details
Unlimited Days for Hospital Room and Board
As charged, subject to the hospital room and board limit.
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
As charged, up to a maximum of 200 days per policy year.
Post-Hospitalisation Home Nursing Care
As charged, up to RM8,000 per disability and 200 days per lifetime. Within 200 days after discharge.
Medical Report Fee
As charged, up to a maximum of RM200 per admission for inpatient treatment or per disability for outpatient treatment.
COVID-19 Medical Coverage
COVID-19 medical coverage for life assured who is fully vaccinated or ineligible unvaccinated.

Additional Premium:

Occupation Class  Additional Premium (per year)
1 & 2
3 RM38
4 RM45


1. By opting in, any secondary medical rider(s) attached to your main medical plan/rider will also be provided with COVID-19 medical coverage. An endorsement on the new coverage/benefits will be provided to customers who have chosen to opt in.
2. In cases where premium payments are made other than annual premium, premium modal factors are to be applied to determine the revised modal premium (including the additional premium for this Campaign).
3. The additional premium will also be subject to the health extra of the policy, if applicable.
4. For Investment-linked policies under premium waived status, a Single Premium Top-Up (SPTU) will be required instead of the additional premium.

Step-by-Step Guide for Accepting the Offer via Customer Portal

To sign up for this offer via eConnect, kindly follow the quick steps as follows: 
1 Log in to eConnect
2 Go to “My Service Request”
3 Click “Policy Benefit Alteration”
4 Select “Include Benefit” under Alteration Type and select “Opt-In Medical Campaign” under Benefit Name. Then, select your intended policy for the new coverage/benefits inclusion
Note: One policy at one time
Click “Continue, Step 1: Include Benefit”
6 Click “Agree” and “Continue”
7 Click “Confirm” to accept the new coverage/benefits inclusion
8 Enter the 6-digits OTP sent to your mobile number registered with the Company
9 Your request has been submitted
Repeat Step 2, if there is more than one (1) medical policy

Important note:

The information set out in this page  is correct as at 18 July 2022.

For more information, please contact your friendly Great Eastern Agent or Customer Service Careline at 1300-1300 88.

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