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Bringing Impact to Communities

Create a dynamic workplace and society through championing people development and community development

Talent Management and Wellbeing

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, we recognise that cultivating a resilient and well-supported workforce is critical for both individual fulfilment and organisational success. We aim to create a future where our employees and our business can thrive together by fostering a culture that values personal growth, collaborative achievement and proactive wellbeing.

Cultivating Resilience and Wellbeing

Great Eastern recognises that talent management and overall wellness are essential in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. We strive to build a robust workforce that is agile, flexible and adaptable to change. 

Our Management Approach

Our holistic approach to talent management and employee wellbeing prioritises flexibility of choice and fostering a nurturing environment in which employees can learn, grow and excel. We empower our employees to embrace change and shape their own professional paths. This long-term plan propels us to continued success and market leadership by making sure that our team members are provided with the necessary support to grow and progress while staying committed to the company's mission.

Our Commitment to Action

Cultivating Growth Mindset for a #FutureReady Workforce

Great Eastern aims to nurture a #FutureReady workforce. Through diverse content and different ways of learning, employees are empowered to chart their learning journey and professional development. The #FutureReady Learning Carnival in 2023 focused on key topics on generative AI and sustainability to support our employees.

Transforming Workspaces for Greater Collaboration

In 2023, Great Eastern workspace underwent a revamp to promote collaboration and agile working. More than just a facelift, this revamp represents the organisation's commitment to creating a forward-thinking, collaborative and creative work environment. 

LIFE Turns Ten: a Milestone in Corporate Wellbeing at Great Eastern

A successful business is built on a healthy and happy workforce. For the last ten years, our flagship LIFE programme takes into account a total wellness approach for our employees. In 2023, participation in personalised wellness assessments remained above 80% for the fifth consecutive year.  66% of the participants also reported to be in the healthy zone1 in this journey. 

Life program

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