We are the "Build Around Our Customers" Company




As Great Eastern continues to grow as leading insurer in Asia, we must build on something just as important - our culture. One that puts our customers, and one another, above ourselves.

As a member of the Great Eastern family, we're called to live out the values of The Life Company. And when we act with our values in mind, we move our culture, our company, forward.

That's why we've designed a series of programmes to help you remember, understand, and act on the values that are crucial to who we are, and how we serve our customers.

Introducing our three simple, but fundamental 'l's. 

As you interact with customers, colleagues, or talents, use these three values, what they mean and their behaviours to guide your thoughts and actions.


Put simply: Do The Right Thing. That means being accountable for yourself, your decisions and your team. 

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In other words: Take The Lead. Taking the lead is when you proactively develop your work, yourself and others. 

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Think: 'We' over 'Me'. Choosing 'we' over 'me' is teamwork.

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