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Change payment method for GREAT CareShield or ElderShield Supplement

Follow our guide to change payment method for your GREAT CareShield or ElderShield supplementary plan.

You can select one of the following payment methods when changing your payment method:

  • CPF MediSave only
  • CPF MediSave and GIRO
  • CPF MediSave and credit card
  • Cash or cheque only
  • GIRO only
  • Credit card only

To change your payment method to GIRO, credit card, or a combination of payment using your MediSave and GIRO or credit card, we encourage you to do so via the Great Eastern app, which is faster and more convenient.

For the use of MediSave as a payment method, please note the following:

  • The CPF account holder must be the policyholder or the policyholder's spouse, child, parent, grandchild, or sibling
  • Policyholders who are not Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents are not allowed to use their grandchild’s or sibling’s MediSave
  • For premium payment using MediSave, there is a supplementary cap limit of SGD600 per calendar year per life assured. The limit may be reached if you have other ElderShield or CareShield supplementary plans with us or other insurers. If the premium exceeds the supplementary cap limit or there is insufficient fund in the MediSave account(s), the balance amount has to be paid by cash or cheque.

Did you know?

You can change payment method via your Financial Representative, and they can also help follow up on your specific needs.

How to change payment method

Great Eastern app

    How to change payment method

  • Great Eastern app
  • Email and post
  • Customer Service Centre