Receive policy maturity payout

The maturity benefit is a lump-sum payment you will receive when your policy reaches its expiration date. For instance, if your insurance policy has a 10-year term, the life assured will get a payout at the end of 10 years.


Maturity payment

For policies that are maturing, we offer various payment options to our policyholders.

  • You may wish to opt to receive the maturity payment via your NRIC linked PayNow bank account or through direct crediting into your preferred bank account. Please complete this form and submit to us at least one month before the maturity due date. The payment will be credited to the account by the due date. For non-OCBC bank account holder, the crediting will take place by the next working day.
  • For cheque payment, a remittance advice showing the breakdown of maturity proceeds with the perforated cheque will be mailed to you. If you would like to authorise your financial representative to collect the cheque, you may complete the authorisation form and submit it to us at least seven working days before the maturity date.

For policyholders who are residing in overseas, we will be writing to inform you on the maturing of your policy and the available payment options before the due date. Please keep us informed on your preferred mode of receiving the payment so we could make the arrangement accordingly.


Unclaimed maturity payout

We are always on a lookout for policyholders whose policies have matured and have outstanding monies due to them under their insurance policies with Great Eastern Life.

We would require verification of the individual’s name and the last few digits of their identity number. If you know of any of these individuals, you may contact our Customer Service Officer (click here).