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Reinstate a lapsed policy

When Great Eastern receives the full payment within 14 days of the lapsed notice, your policy will turn in force automatically. Pay using the PayNow QR in the notice or at any of our Customer Service Centres for an instant policy reinstatement. Payment services such as internet banking and AXS may take 3 days for Great Eastern to receive payment.

If you do not think that Great Eastern can receive the payment within 14 days, consider getting help from your Financial Representative to ease the reinstatement process.


How long do I have to reinstate a lapsed policy?

Refer to your policy contract to find out the period for your reinstatement. Reinstatement periods range between 45 days and 3 years, depending on the type of insurance plan. 


If you need to reinstate a policy after 14 days from the lapse notice without the help of a Financial Representative, follow the steps below to apply for reinstatement.

1. Download the reinstatement form

Complete the reinstatement form according to the policy type.

Policy types Reinstatement form
Whole Life, Endowment, Term, Disability Income, Critical Illness and Investment-Linked Products Application for reinstatement form (Life policies only)
Integrated Shield Plans, Hospitalisation and Surgical and Personal Accident Application for reinstatement form (Accident and health policies only)

2. Additional forms

Complete the additional forms if one or more of the following situations apply to you.

Situations Forms

The policy has cash value.

Action: Declare tax residency.

For individuals: Individual Self-Certification form

For corporate entities: Entity Self-Certification Form and Controlling Person Self-Certification Forms


If you answered "Yes" to Section B of the reinstatement form.

Action: Provide details for each of the health conditions declared.

For individuals and corporate entities: Special Health Questionnaire form

The policy or the rider is a PaySecure or PayAssure plan.

Action: Provide additional details.

PaySecure and Supplementary form for PayAssure

The policy or the rider is a LifeSecure plan.

Action: Provide additional details.

Supplementary form for LifeSecure

3. Submission

Submit the completed form(s) to us via email.

Subject: Reinstatement of policy: [policy number]

Submit your completed documents and make payment at any of our Customer Service Centres

4. Reinstatement status

You will receive a letter of reinstatement once we have successfully turn your policy in-force. You may also check the status of your policy and access the reinstatement letter via the Great Eastern app.

We will write to you if we require clarifications or additional supporting documents. 


Questions and Answers

A policy can lapse for the following reasons:

  • Premium not paid within grace period. When the premium is not paid for the policy, and the policy has not acquired any cash value, the policy will lapse 30 days after the premium due date.
  • If the policy has acquired cash value, an Automatic Premium Loan (APL) will be set up after a 30-day grace period. This is provided for in the policy terms and conditions. APL will continue to pay for the premiums for as long as there is cash value. When the outstanding APL and interest exceeds the cash value, the policy will lapse. Find out how to repay an APL
  • Taking policy loans against the policy and not making loan repayments may also cause the policy to lapse, despite regular premium payment. When the outstanding policy loan and interest exceeds the cash value, the policy will also lapse. Find out how to repay a loan.