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Great expectations #4

A travel series featuring risky escapades

08 Nov 2023
Great expectations #4
3 golden rules to follow when travelling abroad

We all love an exciting trip as much as the next person. Make sure to be adequately prepared with a travel insurance, so you’re well-protected while having the time of your life!

Having life insurance also ensures your loved ones are protected in the case you pull a Dorothy Hoffiner.

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High-risk, low worries: Precautionary measures for those risky escapades
Whether it’s high-risk destinations or risky activities, make sure to prioritise your well-being to share your travel tales. Here are some precautions to take note of!

High-risk destinations
Identify any potential hazards that might occur when travelling to a remote place. Make sure to do your research beforehand to prepare for unexpected incidents.

Connect with the local embassy: In high-risk and remote destinations, do register your name and passport number with their local embassy prior to departure.

High-risk activities
Review your emergency procedures: Whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, or jet-skiing, listen carefully to your guide during the safety briefing and review them mentally before embarking.
*Fun fact: There is no upper age limit to skydiving! You’ll be surprised to know many skydiving world records have been set by people over 100!

Safety is everyone’s responsibility: Behaving recklessly not only endangers yourself but others as well. Listen carefully to your guide’s mental simulation of the activity – there is no shame in pulling out last minute as well!
*Fun fact: Jet skis can reach incredible speeds over 112km/h – making them one of the fastest watercrafts in the market!

You snooze on the prep work, you lose! Remember to do the necessary research – so you can embark on more exciting journeys well-protected.

TravelSmart Premier
TravelSmart Premier

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