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Travelling with kids in a post-COVID world? We’ve got your back.

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30 Jul 2022
Travelling with kids in a post-COVID world? We’ve got your back.

Remember the times before 2020? Life was simple. It was a simple operation: buy a ticket, book accommodation and buy travel insurance. You’d be all set.

These days, things are a little different. COVID has made fuss-free travelling a thing of the past. And if you’ve kids, things just got incredibly more complicated.

Not to worry though – we’ve answered some of the biggest travel uncertainties of post-children and post-COVID travel.

These should ease your mind, if you’re still worried, you can always talk to a financial representative for further advice!


How can I check if there are travel restrictions where I’m going?

As of August 2022, most of the popular holiday destinations Singaporeans have lifted most of their restrictions and quarantines.

Assuming you’re fully vaccinated, you now no longer need to do a PCR or ART test if you’re travelling to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or the UK or the US (one exception is South Korea).

Some countries – like pre-COVID times – will require you to apply for an electronic visa.

That said, the situation is always changing, and Singaporeans are advised to check out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advisory page for the latest information.


What if my child and/or I tested positive?

If either of you tested positive before you travel and you are unable to travel, then yes, your flights and transport will be covered by your travel insurance policy.

In addition, airlines offer rebooking for a small fee (which will be covered by insurance as well).


What if we get COVID or fall ill while overseas?

Falling sick or getting hospitalised overseas can be a scary experience due to the unfamiliar environment. This might be even scarier for children!

While most people will recover from COVID, you may need more serious medical attention – which might rack up quite a significant bill.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of quarantine. While most countries have indeed done away with it, the situation can abruptly change. This should also be factored into your holiday plans.

That being said, purchasing travel insurance can give you both medical bill coverage, as well as pay for your quarantine costs – should such a situation arise!


What should families look for in a travel insurance policy?

Travelling with children can be a complex affair. To ease our minds, we’ll pay special attention to these terms:

Trip cancellation. There are many reasons why a family might want to cancel a trip. This could be anything from a child falling sick, or parents needing to look after their elderly parent.

Trip disruption or early termination. Unlike a group of adults who can continue a trip even if one of them falls ill, a sick child (unfortunately) usually means the end of a family holiday.

Accidents, illnesses and injury. Even if nothing COVID-related happens to your family, children, in general, are at higher risk of falling ill or becoming injured.

Travel delay. Missed connections can be incredibly stressful for parents. Some insurance policies can come with a cash benefit for delays, so you can – for example – book a hotel room for a few hours to wait out the disruption.

Baggage delay or loss. While it's probably good practice to have all your family’s essentials to be with you at all times, baggage delays can also lead to mayhem. A lost toy, a missing diaper stash – can immediately fill the trip with worry and anxiety.


What if something happens at home while I’m overseas?

Finally, here’s something that many people forget when they go overseas – their home and belongings!

There is a multitude of things that could happen whilst you’re off enjoying some time off. Some of these include…

Fires: While the number of fire cases in Singapore has been on the decline since last year, they remain a serious threat to any homeowner. While most HDB and condo owners do have mandatory Fire Insurance, this is insufficient to protect your prized possessions.

Why? Fire Insurance only covers the cost needed to return the home to a state where it was handed over to the first owner – which is to say: empty.

What you probably want to look into is Home Contents Insurance, which protects your fittings, furniture, valuables and belongings.

Crime and burglary: Whilst Singapore is a relatively safe place, crime does happen and things do get stolen! Also covered by Home Contents Insurance.

Floods: With climate change in full swing, floods have increasingly become commonplace in Singapore. For those who don’t live in high-rise apartments, flood insurance is worth looking to. This is also covered by Home Contents Insurance.

Personal liability: Finally, your home may cause damages to others whilst you’re away. For example, a fire from your home spreads next door and damages your neighbour's property.

Without personal liability insurance, it can be difficult to compensate your neighbours – and might even lead to even more expensive lawsuits!


Get your insurance plans to travel stress-free

We cannot prevent bad things from happening to us. But we can ensure that when they DO happen, we are in the best position – both emotionally and financially – to make good decisions.

One of the best things you can do to travel with peace of mind? Getting both a good travel insurance plan, as well as a home contents policy.

TravelSmart Premier
TravelSmart Premier

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