What you need to know before travelling overseas with your children

What you need to know before travelling overseas with your children

Just because border restrictions have eased doesn’t mean there are no requirements in place.

25 May 2022
What you need to know before travelling overseas with your children

The school holiday is here and given the recent easing of travel restrictions, you’re probably eager for a family trip out of Singapore.

However, just because border restrictions have eased doesn’t mean there are no requirements in place. In this article, we’re going to give you all you need to know to travel out of Singapore with ease.

List of destinations that people in Singapore can travel to

As many countries across the world have opened their borders, some countries have remained to shut their borders or put in place strict requirements to cross.


Below is a list of countries that you can freely travel to from Singapore:

●        Southern Asia – Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

●        South Asia – Sri Lanka, India

●        North Asia – Hong Kong, South Korea

●        Oceania – Australia

●        Europe – Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland

Travellers departing from Singapore don't require any special approval but need to comply with their requirements.


General requirements for entry to most destinations

As much as the global pandemic situation has improved, general requirements are still in place. For instance, you will have to undergo and present the following:

1. Departure Requirements & Advisories

2. Obtaining a pre-departure COVID-19 test ( when necessary)

3. Getting a digitally verified pre-departure COVID-19  test (when required)

4. Obtaining a digitally verified vaccination certificate (when required)


1.      Departure Requirements & Advisories

It would help if you find out about the requirements set in place by foreign authorities before leaving Singapore. These may be mandatory COVID-19 tests and even the kind of vaccines needed.

Those returning to Singapore also need to find out about the entry requirements. You also need to know that you will have to undergo the exact requirements when returning or departing from Singapore.

The best place to find out about these would be the Safe Travel website.


2.      Obtaining a pre-departure COVID-19 test (when necessary)

When the destination country requires you to have a pre-departure COVID-19 test, you have to make an appointment and visit the listed clinics.

You should also find out with the clinic about the period it will take to finalize your test report to allow you to have a good time when planning a test appointment.

During the scheduled date of the test, you need to come along with the following documents:

●        Identity card

●        Passport

●        Flight booking indicating the departure timing

If you previously tested positive on a self-administered ART, and you need to document proof of first infection or recovery, you can visit any Combined Test Centre or Quick Test Centre to undergo a supervised ART and have the results documented.


3.      Obtaining a digitally verified pre-departure COVID-19 test (when necessary)

Suppose you have undergone a COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test ("PCR test") or Antigen Rapid Test ("ART") in Singapore as a requirement for overseas travel.

You will get a digitally authenticated and endorsed test result via email from the clinic. You are all good to go since no further participation is needed on your side.

Later you may use the QR in the digital certificate to go through the checks during boarding and immigration clearance.


4.      Obtaining a digitally verified vaccination certificate (when necessary)

Hardcopy vaccination cards and slips issued in Singapore, alongside vaccination records on mobile applications such as TraceTogether and HealthHub, may be rejected overseas.

You will need to have a digital verification, such as scanning the QR codes found on your digital vaccination certificate. You can obtain your digital vaccination certificate here.

If you have been vaccinated in Singapore, foreign authorities will need you to provide digitally verifiable proof of vaccination.

All you need to do is to apply for one, and when successful, the vaccination health certification will be sent to your email or Singpass app if you logged in using Singpass credentials.

Doing so will allow foreign authorities to scan the QR codes found on the certificate to verify the certificate's authenticity digitally.

Requirements for children: Are they different?

Travelling with your children can be tiresome if you have less information on how to handle them. Below are some considerations that you need to make to make the travel fun and full of smiles:

  • Don't overpack – As much as you want your children to be comfortable, do remember not to overpack for your vacation. The best way is to decide on what items has to be brought on the plane, what has to be brought to the destination, and what can actually be purchased there.
  • Pre-book everything you can – It’s helpful to have an itinerary ready when you travel out of the country with your children. After all, with an itinerary, it reduces the stress of trying to arrange things on the spot while taking care of your children. Which brings us to the next point;
  • Take it slow and give them plenty of time – While planning your itinerary, do make sure not to pack too many activities in a day. To make your children comfortable, more time can be given for them to enjoy the vacation instead of rushing from place to place.
  • Essential medication – Carry some basic medicines such as pain relievers and any medication that your children may need.
  • Essential items for a more comfortable flight –

o   Ensure you carry enough baby wipes

o   Carry your kids' favourite snacks

o   Carry expressed breast  milk for infants in 100ml bags

o   Carry along with their favourite toys

o   Carry favourite food for infants

  • Plan your flight time – This will make you avoid inconveniences such as missed flights and rushes.


Travel insurance

The need for travel insurance for your family while travelling shouldn't be a new thing. However, what are some of the factors that you need to consider before picking on that suits you best and your family?

They are not limited to:

●        It needs to cover your family's medical aids

●        It needs to cover death and liability

●        It needs to cover for lost luggage

●        It should cover delayed flights

●        It should cover cancelled flights

●        It should cover pre-existing conditions

●        It should cover COVID-19

●        It should also cover costs beyond your credit card limit

●        It should cover accidents


After all, with your children on the trip with you, the last thing you’d want is to be stuck helpless in a foreign land with no support whatsoever. 


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