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Four reasons to get comprehensive health insurance

Get ready cash to cope with family inconveniences and unplanned expenses should you be hospitalised.

17 Nov 2023
Four reasons to get comprehensive health insurance

Create a financial safety net

Legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu is famously quoted as saying: “Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”

Eat right, exercise, get enough rest. We can do our best to be healthy and avoid hospitalisation but accidents do happen and in this pandemic, health is of the top most concern for everyone.

If we get hospitalised, everyday life gets disrupted — not just ours but also our loved ones’. The situation is exacerbated if you are your family’s sole breadwinner.

Many often worry about their family’s well-being and money when they should instead be focusing solely on their own health. However, the financial impact and emotional stress arising from a hospitalisation can be better managed with  holistic planning, especially by considering additional solution that includes a hospital cash payout.

If you get hospitalised, you’ll be out of action till you’re fully recovered. Meanwhile, life goes on for your loved ones and they have to manage without you.

Daily cash payout helps beyond hospitalisation

A Hospital Cash plan like Great Eastern’s GREAT Hospital Cash can help alleviate your financial stress as it pays you cash for each day you are in the hospital.

For those whose lives may be disrupted by hospitalisation, the daily S$600 cash payout can go some way towards helping tide your family over until things return to normal. 

You will also receive an additional payout of up to S$1,200# per day if you are warded in the Intensive Care Uit (ICU). Transportation for loved ones while you’re out of action, hiring extra help around the house, or even buying supplies to let you recover in comfort at home. Give in to that indulgence and buy that slice of chocolate cake if it can lift your mood!  All these expenses may add up and the extra cash payout will be handy to alleviate the financial stress.

Supplementing more for your recovery

The Hospital Cash plan offers that little extra cash that you may not get from a hospitalisation plan.

While hospitalisation plans can provide a comprehensive and complete hospitalisation coverage, they may cover only the fees charged by the hospital during your stay by reimbursing your medical bills after you are discharged.

Of course a hospitalisation plan can take care of your medical expenses and you do not have to worry about amassing bills post-hospitalisation, but the daily cash payout can help minimise financial disruption to your family members and give you a boost to purchase whatever you need to help you get back on your feet.

Not all patients can get back on their feet immediately after discharge and GREAT Hospital Cash goes the extra mile to have this covered. To support your recovery, you will get an additional lump sum of up to S$1,800 in Get Well Benefit with at least 3 days of hospitalisation, and another payout of up to S$1,800 if surgery1 is needed.

It’s always better to be prepared ahead

With Singapore’s life expectancy standing at 83.5 in 2019 according to the World Bank, one may inevitably need to be hospitalised during his lifetime2.  

Between now and then, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a financial pickle when life throws you a curveball. Create that safety net for yourself and your loved ones - it doesn’t hurt to be well-prepared.

Sun Tzu also said: “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.”

Speak to your Great Eastern Financial Representative to find out more about Supreme MediCash and to review your holistic health portfolio to help cushion the financial impact when one is hospitalised.

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