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Protect your drive with comprehensive coverage for your electric vehicle

Not all electric vehicle insurance plans are created equal. Introducing GREAT EV Protect that covers your car and a whole lot more.

We provide coverage for damage of your charging station, including damage to home contents due to fire when charging your car.

More importantly, you will be covered for outpatient medical expenses due to electric shock while charging your car, and receive one of the highest personal accident coverage of up to S$120,000 for the policy owner while on the move.

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Key benefits

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    Coverage for private charging station and home contents due to fire

    Beyond insuring your vehicle, we also cover your private charging station for up to S$5,000 against accidental damage. We will further protect your home contents for up to S$20,000 in the event of fire caused by your private charging station.

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    Up to S$2,000 medical expense reimbursement

    Claim up to S$1,000 outpatient medical expenses for electrical shock suffered while charging your vehicle. In addition, you are covered for up to S$1,000 medical reimbursement for both driver and passengers if they are injured in a car accident while travelling in the insured vehicle.

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    Your choice of any preferred workshop and 24/7 roadside assistance

    Take comfort in having your preferred workshop to repair your vehicle and provide 24/7 roadside assistance in case of accidents anywhere in Singapore, West Malaysia and Thailand.

How GREAT EV Protect works

Coverage   Comprehensive
(Any Workshop)
Vehicle repairs at your preferred workshop icon-action-tick.png
Accidental loss of or damage by accidental causes for the insured vehicle (up to market value) icon-action-tick.png
Loss or damage by fire or theft for the insured vehicle (up to market value) icon-action-tick.png
Death or injury to third party (unlimited) icon-action-tick.png
Damage to third party property (up to S$5,000,000) icon-action-tick.png
Medical expenses (up to S$1,000) icon-action-tick.png
Personal accident benefits (up to S$120,000) icon-action-tick.png
Towing due to accidents on a reimbursement basis (up to S$300) icon-action-tick.png
Road side assistance due to breakdowns icon-action-tick.png
Windscreen cover (unlimited reinstatements) icon-action-tick.png
Windscreen excess (S$100 or otherwise specified applies for each and every claim) icon-action-tick.png
Unnamed driver excess

·    Additional excess of S$2,500 will apply if the unnamed driver's age is under 26 or above 69 and/or has less than 3 year’s driving experience

·   Additional excess of S$500 will apply if the unnamed driver's age is between 26 to 69 with 3 or more year's driving experience
Extension Coverage  
Private Charging Station –

·   Accidental damage caused to your private charging station
Up to S$5,000
Outpatient Medical Expenses Due to Electric Shock

·   Reimbursement for outpatient medical expenses as a result of suffering an electric shock whilst charging your vehicle
Up to S$1,000
Damage to Home Contents

·   Coverage for damage as a result of fire caused by your charging station
Up to S$20,000
Optional Cover (Additional premium applicable)   Comprehensive
(Any Workshop)
NCD Protector (applicable to policy with 40% NCD and above) icon-action-tick.png
Loss-of-Use (S$80 per day, up to 15 days) icon-action-tick.png

Your questions answered

1. What are the available plan types of plans are available under GREAT EV Protect?

We only offer an Any Workshop plan. This allows you to go to any workshop for accident repairs, including one which is nearest or most convenient to you.


2. Where can I repair my car in the event of an accident?

As the GREAT EV Protect is an Any Workshop plan, you can repair your car at any workshop of your choice. This includes the authorised dealer’s workshop.


3. Who should I contact if I want to know more about GREAT EV Protect?

For more enquiries:


4. How do I get a quotation for my EV?

You may obtain a quotation online via our online store.

If you have a Great Eastern servicing agent, they will be able to obtain a quotation for you via their agent’s online platform.


5. Who can buy GREAT EV Protect?

We can offer car insurance if:

  • You are a resident of Singapore holding NRIC or FIN;
  • Your private car is registered under your name as an individual;
  • Your private car is only used for non-commercial purposes;
  • Your private car is in roadworthy condition within LTA guidelines;
  • Your private car is 15 years old or less from year of manufacture;
  • You have not had 3 or more at-fault claims in the last 3 years (excluding windscreen claims);
  • You have not been revoked or suspended driving licence in the last 3 years, or never been convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated);
  • You have never been refused to buy/renew any car insurance, nor has your car insurance ever been cancelled/voided by your insurer.

6. Can I apply for GREAT EV Protect to insure my commercial vehicle or if I use my car for my job or for any business purposes?

No, GREAT EV Protect is only applicable to privately owned and registered electric vehicles. This excludes vehicles used for private hire purposes.


7. Are all private cars eligible to apply for GREAT EV Protect?

Normally, all private cars are eligible. However, there may be instances where we may need to underwrite the vehicle on a special basis due to vehicle make and model, power rating, special modifications and an insured's claims history.

8. Why can’t I find my car model on Great Eastern’s online car list?
Some car models, for example, high-performance, exotic or luxury models are not on our online list, as it requires further underwriting. We require more information from you to be able to offer car insurance quotation for your vehicle. If you don’t see your car model on our online list, please give us a call at 6248 2888, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays) or email us at


9. Does the policy have any exclusions related to modifications?
We provide cover as long as your vehicle modification is within the Land Transport Authority (LTA) guidelines and carried out by a certified technician. Please note that damaged parts will be covered based on the manufacturer’s standard specifications.

10. Where can I check if I am eligible for the Safe Driver Discount?
You are entitled to the safe driver discount if you are demerit-point free for the past three years along with your NCD at 30% and above. You can check if you are entitled to a Certificate of Merit from the Singapore Traffic Police.

11. How long is my quotation valid for?
Your car insurance quote is valid for 14 days after the first date on which you obtained the quote.


12. My car is still under the manufacturer/dealer warranty. What should I do?
As our policy is an Any Workshop plan you will be able to go back to the vehicle’s authorised distributor during and after the warranty period for accident repairs.


13. How will I receive my policy documents?
For online submissions, you will receive your policy documents via email upon successful payment confirmation. There will not be any hardcopy mailed to you.

For manual submissions, policy documents will be sent to the mailing address indicated in the proposal form.

14. Why do I need to buy car insurance?
This is governed under the Motor Vehicles (Third-Party Risks and Compensation) Act 1960 where the law requires motorists to have an insurance policy to cover your liabilities against third party bodily injury and/or property damage

15. I read about damage to vehicles by falling trees, flooding and fires by arsonists. Can I claim for such damages?
You can claim for damage to your vehicle caused by falling trees, flood and fire by arson.

16. What is excess?
Excess is the first amount of the claim that you have to pay. For example, if the excess is S$300 and the total repair cost is S$2,000, you have to pay S$300 and the insurer will bear the remaining S$1,700.

17. Who will be covered for accidental death or permanent disability?
We will pay compensation for bodily injury sustained by the Insured, Authorised Driver and/or Passenger(s) in connection with a motor accident up to the benefit limits stated in the policy.

18. Who will be covered for medical expenses?
The Company will reimburse an amount not exceeding $1,000 to each injured person for reasonable medical expenses incurred in connection with bodily injury sustained by the Insured or Authorised Driver or any Passenger(s) as a result of a motor accident.

19. Why is windscreen damage listed separately in the policy? Do I have to reinstate my windscreen cover after a claim? Will my No Claims Discount (NCD) be affected?
Windscreen damage has a separate excess from other damages to your car. The windscreen benefit covers the cost of reinstating any glass in the car windscreen and subject to an excess of S$100 for each claim. Our policy offers unlimited reinstatements of windscreen cover.

20. Does my policy provide cover for Certificate of Entitlement (COE)?
Our policy includes cover for COE, as long as it is Comprehensive cover.


21. Why does it say “market value” for the coverage limit of my car in the policy document?
This is the assessed value of the Insured Vehicle at the time of the accident, arrived at by comparing retail prices for vehicles of the same make, model, age and condition.

22. Am I covered when I drive my car out of Singapore?
You are covered if you drive your car in West Malaysia, the Republic of Singapore and that part of Thailand within 80.5 km of the border between Thailand and West Malaysia.

23. Am I covered if I use the vehicle for hire and reward purposes (E.g. GrabCar)?
This policy does not cover if you use it for hire and reward, such as GrabCar. However, car sharing or carpooling is covered under our policy. (E.g. GrabHitch)

24. Who can I contact in the event of a car accident?
You can call our 24-hour emergency assistance hotline at +65 6535 0511.

25. Can I include a Named driver in my car insurance policy?
Yes, you can include up to 3 Named drivers in your car insurance policy. Should you need to make changes to the Named driver(s), you may email us at to inform us on the change.

26. What is the additional excess imposed on an Unnamed Driver who uses my vehicle and is involved in an accident?
When you make a claim under your car insurance policy, an additional Excess1 for unnamed driver(s) will apply, on top of the standard excess1:

Unnamed Driver2 Additional Excess1
Age Below 26 or Above 69 $2,500
Age Between 26 and 69 With Less Than 3 Years of Driving Experience $2,500
Age Between 26 and 69 With 3 Or More Years Of Driving Experience $500

Excess is the amount the policyholder is required to contribute before they can make a claim.
Unnamed Driver refers to someone who is not named under a car insurance policy.

27. If I include a Named driver in my car insurance policy, will my overall premium increase?
The premium of your car insurance policy is calculated based on the profiles of the Primary driver and the Named driver(s). Depending on the risk profiles of the drivers, the premium may remain the same, increase or decrease. It is important to disclose relevant information in your application so that the risks can be assessed accurately.

28. What is NCD? How will it affect my premium?

A No-Claim Discount (NCD) is an entitlement given to you if no claim has been made under your policy for a year or more with the existing insurer. It reduces the premium you have to pay for the following year. NCD is recognised by all insurers across the industry.

NCD is a way of rewarding you for being a careful driver. The following table shows how the NCD is determined by most insurers across the industry.

Number of accident-free years

Percentage of NCD awarded to Private Car

One year


Two consecutive years


Three consecutive years


Four consecutive years


Five or more consecutive years


29. Does my NCD apply to me, or to my vehicle?

Your NCD applies to you and not the vehicle. If you sell away the current vehicle and buy a new one, you can use the existing NCD for the new car insurance. However, if you own more than 1 vehicle, you will have different NCD for individual vehicle.

30. How is my No Claims Discount (NCD) applied?
Your NCD is tied to you (the policyholder) and can only be applied to one vehicle at one time. If you own more than one vehicle, you may decide which vehicle to apply your NCD.

For example:

  • If you sell your existing vehicle and buy another one, you can transfer the NCD from the existing vehicle to the newly purchased vehicle.
  • If you retain your existing vehicle and buy another one, you can choose to transfer the NCD from the existing vehicle to the newly purchased vehicle. Your existing vehicle will have to earn the NCD from 0%.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to keep the NCD with your existing vehicle and start earning the NCD for the newly purchased vehicle.

31. Can I insure against the loss of my NCD?
Yes, you may add on the NCD Protector as long as you have a NCD of 40% to protect your NCD in the event of a claim. This is an optional benefit with additional premium to be paid. The benefit will protect your NCD against the 1st claim during the Period of Insurance. However, your NCD will be affected if you have more than one claim during the Period of Insurance. Please take note that the NCDP benefit is transferrable between insurers.

Please refer to the table below:

No. of Claim(s) Made During the Period of Insurance

NCD entitlement upon renewal of the Policy





Three or More



32. What if I declare a higher / lower NCD wrongly?
We will verify with your previous insurer and adjust the NCD accordingly.

  • If you declare a higher NCD, you will need to pay us the difference in premium.
  • If you declare a lower NCD, we will refund you the difference in premium.

33. What is the penalty if I fail to make an accident report to my insurance company?
We may refuse to accept the liability for the accident in view of a breach in policy conditions. Your NCD will be further reduced by 10% on top of any NCD reduction resulting from the claim made under your car insurance policy.

34. How long will my NCD remain valid after I stop owning a car?
Your NCD will remain valid for 24 months from the end date of your last policy.

35. I am the policyholder and primary driver for my car insurance policy. Can I transfer my NCD to one of my Named drivers under my policy so that he / she can enjoy a lower premium?
No, NCD is not transferrable to another person except to your spouse, provided your spouse is taking a new car insurance policy with Great Eastern.

This is a one-time transfer and is non reversible. After the transfer, the NCD for your existing car insurance policy will become 0%.

36. I am the registered owner of the car but do not have a driving licence. My primary driver wishes to buy a car under his/ her name. Can I transfer the NCD to him / her?
No, NCD is not transferrable to another person except to your spouse, provided your spouse is taking a new car insurance policy with Great Eastern.

37. Can I transfer my NCD from motorcycle / commercial vehicle to my private car?
No, NCD level for motorcycles / commercial vehicles are different from private cars.

38. If my car insurance policy is in force, can I still withdraw my NCD?
Yes. You may withdraw the NCD while your policy is still in force, subject to no claims made under your car insurance policy. You need to top up the difference in premium due to the NCD withdrawal.

39. How would I be notified on the renewal of the insurance?
A renewal notice will be sent to you about 2 months before the expiry month of the policy.


40. How do I renew my car insurance?
You can renew your car insurance in the following ways:

Ways to renew

How to renew 

Payment options

By Email

·        Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)

·        Cheque made payable to ‘GEG'

By Mail

Send your renewal notice to:

Great Eastern General Insurance Limited,

1 Pickering Street, Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

Over the counter

Visit our Customer Service Centre at:

1 Pickering Street #01-01,

Great Eastern Centre,

Singapore 048659

Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 5.30pm

(excluding public holidays)

·        Cash

·        NETS

·        Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)

·        Cheque made payable to ‘GEG'

Alternatively, you can inform your servicing agent who can also assist you with the renewal request.

41. What if I need to change my details such as my address?
Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 6248 2888, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays) or email us at Alternatively, you can inform your servicing agent who can also assist you with the change.


42. What should I do if I sold or de-registered my car during my insurance policy period?
If you wish to sell/deregister your car, you may inform us to cancel your policy along with following documents:

  • Certificate of insurance, and
  • Sales agreement or de-registration letter from LTA

Please send your cancellation documents to us:
By Email:

By Mail: Great Eastern General Insurance Limited,
1 Pickering Street, #01-01 Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

43. How is my refund computed for cancellation of my car insurance?
Your car insurance policy refund is calculated as follows (Cancellation by the Insured):

Premium refund = (80% of premium) x unexpired period of insurance (days)/ original period of insurance* (days)

*Original Period of Insurance of this Policy shall be deemed to include any extension of period in the Policy.
No refund will be payable if the refund premium is less than S$25.00 or where a claim has arisen under the Policy prior to the cancellation and the Insured shall return the current Certificate(s) of Insurance on or before the date of cancellation and pay the premium due promptly.

44. If my car is involved in an accident but there was no damage to my car or if I do not wish to make a claim, do I still have to lodge the report with GIA or Great Eastern at Great Eastern’s Approved Reporting Centre?
Under the Motor Claims Framework (MCF), in any accident regardless how minor it is, you should lodge the GIA Report in any of our Authorised Accident Reporting Centres within 24 hours or by the next working day. If no claim is submitted against your policy, your report will not affect your policy/NCD. The accident report is important as it will provide the necessary information in order for us to handle any claims made against your policy due to the accident.

For more information about the Motor Claims Framework (MCF), you may refer to

45. What do I do if I get into a car accident?
If you are involved in an accident, please follow these steps:

1.      Exchange particulars such as name, driving licence & NRIC/Passport and contact number of the other driver who was involved in an accident with you. Take note of the vehicle numbers

2.      Take pictures of the accident scene and the damages caused to both cars.

3.      Call our 24-Hours Towing Helpline +65 6535 0511 for towing service if required.

4.      Do not accept any repairs and towing service from non-authorised workshop.

5.      If the towing service is not required, please send your damaged vehicle to any workshop of your choice. This includes the dealer’s workshop.

6.      Make a police report as soon as possible or within 2 hours of the accident if the accident involves:

·        Fatality;

·        Damage to government property;

·        Foreign vehicle;

·        Pedestrian or cyclist;

·        Hit-and-run cases;

·        Vandalism or theft of your car; or

·        Injury cases where

                                      i.          at least one person involved in the accident was taken to hospital from the accident scene by an ambulance/self-conveyed; or

                                    ii.          any party involved in the accident was injured and obtain outpatient medical leave for 3 days or more.

·        If you have video recording of the accident, please keep and provide for the report and claims.

·        Filing a report at the Authorised Accident Reporting Centre is mandatory regardless if you are making a claim under your policy.

·        Should you receive any Writ of Summon or Letter of Demand from Third Party against you due to the accident, do not reply and forward to the Insurer immediately.

Kindly note that the 24-hour accident reporting requirement is mandatory as failure to do so allows insurer to apply a late reporting penalty against your NCD and to repudiate policy liability indemnifying you for the damage repair to your vehicle as well as for your liability towards the damage caused to Third Party property and/ or injury.


Under the Motor Claims Framework endorsed by the General Insurance Association of Singapore, you are required to file an accident report regardless of whether you intend to make a claim.


46. What is the time frame for me to report the accident?
Under the Motor Claims Framework, all accidents must be reported to your insurer within 24 working hours or by the next working day with your car, no matter how trivial or even if there is no visible damage, and irrespective of whether you are claiming from any insurers or third parties.

47. Do I need to pay any reporting fees?
No, there are no fees/charges for reporting at GEG’s Authorised Accident Reporting Centre.


48. If there is a Third Party claim against me, will I be updated on the status?
We will notify insured upon the receipt of the letter of demand we have received from the third party.


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Understand the details before buying

  1. The above is for general information only. It is not a contract of Insurance. Please refer to the policy documents for the precise terms and conditions of the insurance plan.
  2. This policy is subject to the Premium Before Cover Warranty Clause, which requires the premium to be paid and received on or before the inception date of the Policy.
  3. This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of bene­fits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the General Insurance Association (GIA) or SDIC websites ( or
  4. GREAT EV Protect is underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings Limited and a member of the OCBC Group.

Information correct as at 10 July 2023.