Critical Illness Cover

When you're ill you want to focus on getting better - not worry about your medical expenses. Critical illness cover gives you peace of mind that if you fall ill you will be able to cope financially. To find out how much cover you might need, use our handy calculator below.

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* Data from MOH
What is your current monthly income?
What is your current monthly income?

Here your estimated coverage needs

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Your monthly income

In order to cover 70% of your income for one year, you will need

Annual treatment cost for critical illness in a is
(includes initial treatment and other expenses such as outpatient and follow up)

The total amount required for your critical illness coverage for one year is:

How do I start?

The above may sound hard to achieve, but we can help. At Great Eastern Life, we build solutions made to see you reach your goals. Simply contact a Great Eastern Financial Representative now for advice. Or click on the button below to learn more about our selection of relevant plans!

Note: This calculator is intended to provide estimates only. Please speak to a licensed Great Eastern Financial Representative for a recommendation tailored to your specific needs.