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Critical Care Advantage

#Lifeproof the life you’re building with comprehensive critical illness protection

We know you’re busy building a career or planning a new family. To protect all the hard work you’re doing, it’s worth taking time to plan for the rainy days. If you are unable to work for a period and need extra funds to cover your expenses because of ill-health, we are here to help


Critical Care Advantage is here to relieve your financial worries so you can focus on getting better sooner. It gives you comprehensive protection against 122 medical conditions across early, intermediate and critical stages of illness, as well as additional coverage for 7 Special Benefits. What's more with timely payouts and no waiting periods between claims, you can be assured that your finances are taken care of quickly.

Key benefits


High payouts for critical illness at all stages

Seek the best treatment with payouts of up to S$100,000 for early stages, and up to S$200,000 for intermediate stages of illness. In addition, this plan provides a death benefit of S$15,000 during the policy term. 


Additional Special Benefits coverage

Get extra payouts for 7 Special Benefits on top of your basic cover to help relieve your medical expenses incurred or prepare yourself for a change in your lifestyle. 


Waiver of future premiums

For extra peace of mind, we’ll waive1 the rest of your premiums for the remaining period of the policy once your claim for early or intermediate stage illness is approved.

How Critical Care Advantage works

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