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Supreme MediCash

Health Insurance

Supreme MediCash

Medical care with cash benefits

Receive a guaranteed income even while you're hospitalised. Supreme MediCash pays a daily cash benefit for each day you spend in hospital. You can use the money to pay for alternative treatments, supplement lost income or pay for anything else you might need.

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Key benefits


Collect a daily hospital cash payout

Get up to S$400 for each day you’re hospitalised1 , plus up to S$600 for every day’s stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)2 .


Receive lump sum recovery payment

You'll get recuperation benefits of up to S$150 for hospitalisation without surgery, and up to S$4,000 if a surgical procedure3  is required.


Renew – even if you’ve claimed before

Even if you’ve already made a claim you can keep renewing your plan until you’re 85.


Stay covered even when you’re abroad

You'll receive cash benefit for up to 30 days of non-emergency hospitalisation, and for up to 500 days of emergency hospitalisation.


Choose the option that suits your needs

Supreme MediCash comes in three different plan types with benefits and premiums to suit your budget and lifestyle.


Enjoy renewal discount on premium

Starting from the second year of your plan, you'll get a 5% discount on premium when you renew, even if you've made a claim.

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