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Pay Assure | Disability Income Insurance

Protect your salary with a financial lifeline

Your loved ones mean the world to you. Each and every day, you work hard to ensure that the income you earn goes a long way towards taking care of their needs. That’s why we provide a financial lifeline should you be unable to work due to sickness or injury.


With Pay Assure, you will receive a monthly income benefit should you be unable to work in your current occupation due to illness (including a mental condition) or injury. This benefit will help pay some, if not all, of your regular living expenses. And if you are already receiving the benefit, your premiums will be waived too, ensuring that you enjoy continuous cover.

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Key benefits


Monthly benefit when you are unable to work in your current occupation

Receive up to 75% of your average monthly salary1 when you are unable to work in your current occupation2 due to illness or injury during the period of coverage3 .


Rehabilitation expenses reimbursement 

Provides rehabilitation expenses reimbursement of up to three times of your monthly benefit.


Partial monthly benefit

Get partial monthly benefit to supplement your income when you return to work in a reduced capacity4 .


Added flexibility with a customised plan

Opt for a 60, 90 or 180-day pre-benefit period and the choice to receive your monthly benefit up to age 55, 60 or 65 .


Death Benefit 

Pays six times the monthly benefit to your loved ones.

How Pay Assure works

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