Application Instructions for Great Eastern Cares Term Plan

1.      Contact to request the Cover Page and Policy Illustration with the chosen sum assured and policy term and make an appointment with one of our officers. 

2.      Follow the guidelines below and fill in the application pack. Email the completed application pack and a proof of ID to before your appointment. You can either fill in the forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader or print out the documents and scan the completed copies. If you are a Selected Client, a Trusted Individual should be present when you fill the application. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free via

3.     The appointment will be conducted via video conference. During the appointment, our officer will verify your identity and ensure the application pack submitted is complete. Please have your ID (NRIC/Passport) ready for verification. If you are a Selected Client, the Trust Individual is required to attend the appointment with you. 

4.      We will process your applications and will contact you if further information is needed. 

Items to be submitted Guidelines
Proposal Form Date & sign by both Proposer and Life Assured
Special Health Questionnaire To be completed if the answer is “Yes” to any of the questions 4, 9 - 12 (except 12a) under Section G: MEDICAL AND UNDERWRITING QUESTIONS of the Proposal Form
Cover Page, Policy Illustration and Product Summary (PIPS)

Contact Great Eastern to request for the Cover Page and Policy Illustration with the chosen policy term and sum assured.

Sign under Proposer, on the top left hand corner of each page

Additional Declaration

Proposer and Life assured to declare, date and sign.

If the Proposer is a Selected Client, a Trusted Individual should be present when completing the application pack. Trusted Individual has to fill in and sign the declaration.

“Selected Client” is someone who meets any two of the following criteria – (i) is 62 years of age or older;

(ii) is not proficient in spoken or written English;

(iii) has below GCE ‘O’ level or ‘N’ level certifications, or equivalent academic qualifications

“Trusted Individual” is someone who:

       i.          is at least 18 years old

      ii.          is proficient in both spoken and written English

     iii.          has a GCE O-Level or N-Level certification (or equivalent), or higher academic qualifications.

Is someone you can trust

Proof of ID Provide a photo / screenshot / scanned copy of NRIC (Front/Back) or Passport

Trust Nomination Form & supporting documents

(For SNTC clients only)

Trust Nomination Form to be signed by 2 witness, the Proposer and Special Needs Trust Company as Trustee. Wet signature is required, and electronic/digital signature will not be accepted. Please sign and provide a scanned copy.

This form & the supporting documents can be submitted during application stage or after a letter of acceptance is issued.


5.     Annual Premium Rates of Great Eastern Cares Term Plan.

6.     Frequently asked questions.