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Maid Insurance


Your maid helps to lighten your workload at home. MaidGR8, gives your maid the protection she needs.


MaidGR8 provides the necessary coverage required by Ministry of Manpower for your helper while she is in Singapore. There are three comprehensive plans for you to choose from.


For your maid, there is 24-hour coverage and the plan also pays her while she’s recovering from her accident before she returns to work.


In the event of death or permanent disablement due to accident or sickness, a repatriation benefit of up to S$10,000 will help her get back home safely.

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Key benefits

Coverage of up to S$60,000 for accidental death or permanent disablement

Benefits of up to S$10,000 for repatriation to home country in case of death or permanent disablement due to accident or sickness

Benefit of up to S$500 for termination expenses if your maid was found unfit to carry on her duties

Reimbursement of hospital and surgical expenses of up to S$30,000 per year in case of accident or sickness

Domestic Maid’s Liability of up to S$50,000

Employer’s liability of up to S$50,000

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