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GREAT Flexi Goal

Wealth Accumulation

GREAT Flexi Goal | Regular Premium Endowment Plan

#Lifeproof your family’s financial future with certainty

Your financial goals evolve as you journey through different stages in life. From just starting out in your career to building your wealth for a new family and eventually towards your desired retirement, you’ll want your savings to work harder to fulfil these wealth aspirations.


GREAT Flexi Goal is a regular premium endowment plan designed to grow your money through potential returns with choice of premium payment terms. This plan lets you attain your life goals with certainty and guaranteed acceptance for coverage against Death1, Total and Permanent Disability2 and Terminal Illness.


Start saving regularly with GREAT Flexi Goal and ensure your saving priorities are met at every life stage, one sure step at a time.

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Why should you consider this plan?


Up to 3% p.a.* potential returns upon maturity

Look forward to a lump sum payout with an attractive yield of up to 3% p.a.* upon maturity to achieve your life goals with greater ease.


Different premium payment terms, whatever suits you from S$100 per month

Plan towards your goals, your way. With a selection of either 15-year or 20-year policy terms, you can customise a plan that best suits your budget deciding between premium payment terms of Limited or Full Pay over 15 years or Full Pay over 20 years.


Be assured with capital guaranteed3

Your capital is 100% guaranteed when the policy matures – a promise we fulfil as a security to your medium to long term commitment.

How GREAT Flexi Goal helps you attain your life goals

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