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Prestige Life Rewards 5 Series

Wealth Accumulation

Prestige Life Rewards 5 Series | Single Premium Whole of Life Plan

One-time commitment for a lifetime of payouts and a lasting legacy

Designed to help you achieve your wealth goals, and leave behind a legacy for your future generations, Prestige Life Rewards 5 Series safeguards the wealth you’ve built over the years – giving you and your family a future to look forward to.


Have the flexibility to choose from two of our whole of life participating plans under this series and receive lifetime payouts from as early as the 3rd policy year or have it from the 5th policy year onwards with a potentially higher policy value. The choice is yours!


In addition, both plans cover you against death and terminal illness for life – rest assured that your capital will be preserved for your future generations should the unfortunate happen.

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Key benefits


One-time commitment, a lifetime of payouts

With a single premium payment, you can grow your wealth and receive attractive monthly payouts, for life. Or choose to transfer the policy and its lifetime payout benefit to your child, to flexibly support their standard of living.


Lifetime monthly payouts that match your wealth goals

Kickstart your lifetime payouts early from the 3rd policy year. You will receive total monthly payouts of up to 3.35% per annum1 of the single premium paid.


If you prefer a policy with higher cash value, you can choose to start your monthly payouts from the 5th policy year and receive total monthly payouts of up to 3% per annum2 of the single premium paid.


Support your changing financial needs

As we prioritise your financial flexibility, we’ve made sure that your policy has liquidity via a surrender value of 80% of the premium paid from day one. Should you prefer to receive a lump sum benefit or consider having a planned gift of love to your family in later years, your policy’s sizeable cash value can support the financial choices you make.

How Prestige Life Rewards 5 Series works

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