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GREAT CareShield

#Lifeproof your financial future against long-term disability

We are in our peak when we are in our 30s and it’s easy to think a disability is not going to happen to you while you are young and healthy. But disability does not discriminate against age – one in two healthy Singaporeans aged 65 could become severely disabled in their lifetime, and may need long-term care*. As the cost of long-term care is uncertain, it is important that we plan early for our future long-term care needs.


Supplement your CareShield Life coverage with GREAT CareShield, which offers you enhanced protection with payouts to help in the event of loss of income or to cover long-term care costs due to a disability. GREAT CareShield provides up to S$5,000 monthly payouts for moderate and severe disabilities  – in addition to the CareShield Life’s starting monthly payouts of S$600 in 2020.


Choose between the Advantage and Enhanced plans and decide on your own benefit amount to suit your needs and budget. 

GREAT CareShield

Disability can be unexpected. Plan early for your future long-term care needs.

Key benefits


Up to S$15,000 payout on every occurrence of mild disability


GREAT CareShield Advantage’s Initial Benefitgives you a lump sum payout of three times the Monthly Benefit, as soon as you are unable to perform just one out of the six Activities of Daily Living§ (ADLs). The Initial Benefit may be payable again upon your full recovery to provide you with the coverage for subsequent episodes of mild disability. We’ll also waive your future premiumsǁ.

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Up to lifetime monthly payouts for moderate disability

The plan starts supporting you early - giving you monthly benefits upon moderate disability when you’re unable to perform just two ADLs. With Great CareShield Advantage, you can increase your lifetime monthly benefit up to S$5,000, to pay for your desired personal and health care needs.


Premiums payable in part or full by MediSave

With level premiums , maximise your coverage without having to pay increasing premiums as you get older.  GREAT CareShield premiums can be paid by cash, your own MediSave funds or the MediSave funds of your family members, up to a limit of S$600 per calendar year per insured person.

Get 20% off first year premium and enjoy free 12 months' Dengue Care when you sign up today! *Terms and conditions apply.

How GREAT CareShield works

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