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GREAT CareShield

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GREAT CareShield | Enhanced CareShield Life Protection

#Lifeproof your disability coverage with payouts, up to a lifetime

GREAT CareShield supplements your CareShield Life's starting monthly payouts of S$600 in 2020 that increase over time. Your supplementary coverage starts early with additional monthly payouts1 and a lump sum Initial Benefit2 upon the inability to perform just one of the six Activities of Daily Living3 (ADLs). In addition, receive extra monthly payouts from our Caregiver Benefit4 and Dependant Care Benefit5 if you are unable to perform two or more ADLs. 


What's more, GREAT CareShield can be fully payable using your MediSave funds6 or cash to start your disability coverage with lower premiums whilst you are still young. 

Key benefits


Disability financial support starts from the inability to perform 1 ADL

Receive monthly payouts and a lump sum Initial Benefit2 up to S$15,000. Your future premiums7 are also waived.


Additional cash benefits for your loved ones to support your recovery

Upon the inability to perform at least 2 ADLs, receive additional monthly payouts of Caregiver Benefit4 and Dependant Care Benefit5 .


Utilise your MediSave funds6 for enhanced coverage

No additional cash premium top ups may be needed as GREAT CareShield can be paid with your MediSave funds, up to a limit of S$600 per calendar year per insured person.


Limited time offer! Get 20% off premiums throughout your coverage when you sign up today! *Terms and conditions apply.

How GREAT CareShield enhances your disability coverage

Understanding disability support

5 reasons why you're never too young to get disability coverage

5 Reasons Why You're Never Too Young to Get Disability Coverage

6 activities of daily living

The 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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