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Smart Baby Shield

Health Insurance

Smart Baby Shield | Pregnancy Protection with Maternity Insurance

Protect yourself and your bundle of joy from the very start

Welcoming a child into the world is surely the most precious of life’s gifts. During the delicate months of pregnancy as well as infancy, every mother and her baby needs extra love, care and attention.


When you add the Smart Baby Shield rider to your SmartProtect Junior, you and your baby can enjoy comprehensive protection while you are still expecting, and even after you deliver your little bundle of joy. It provides protection against the unexpected, hospitalisation benefits and additional features to help you both through this crucial period of life. With Smart Baby Shield, you can enjoy complete peace of mind to make this a time to cherish and remember.

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Key benefits

Greater assurance during pregnancy

Should any of the covered complications arise during your pregnancy, you will receive a lump sum benefit of RM5,000 to help with treatment costs1.

Daily hospitalisation cash benefits

Smart Baby Shield provides daily cash benefits of RM5002 should you or your child require admission to either NICU/ICU/HDU3, giving you peace of mind.

Protection for diseases & infections

With Smart Baby Shield, you are financially protected against several infectious diseases and congenital conditions that may strike you or your baby1.


Critical protection for your newborn

This plan covers urgent care for your newborn. If your child is required to be placed in an incubator within 60 days of birth, a cash benefit of RM200 will be payable daily4. A lump sum benefit of RM1,000 is also payable if your newborn is in need of Phototherapy Treatment for Neonatal Jaundice1.


Life protection against the unexpected

In the event of death of the mother due to complications from childbirth or pregnancy5, you will receive a lump sum benefit of RM30,000. Should death of the child occur during pregnancy6, a lump sum of RM5,000 and the Total Investment Value will be payable to you1.


Protection against accidental death

To help secure the future for your loved ones, an accidental death benefit of RM30,000 will be payable upon the death of the mother prior to delivery and up to 1 month after delivery. Upon accidental death due to public conveyance7, RM60,000 will be payable1.


Basic coverage against maternity cancer

Upon diagnosis of cancer in the expecting mother, Smart Baby Shield provides financial aid to support you on the path to recovery1.

How Smart Baby Shield works

Smart Baby Shield infographics

Footnotes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Life Planning Advisor or have us call you back.

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