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Sign in with Singpass

Great Eastern app

Open the Great Eastern app. Tap Singpass.
You will be directed to Singpass and be presented with a QR code. Tap the QR code to begin the authentication process.
Tap Approve to log into the Great Eastern app.
If required, use Face ID or another biometric to authenticate your identity.
There will be a short pause at this screen while Singpass authenticates your identity.
You will be directed to the home page.
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Questions and Answers

You can download the Singpass mobile app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once downloaded, follow the instructions in the app and complete a one-time setup.

Yes, you can still access the Great Eastern app using Great ID and biometrics.

No, we’ll need you to use your Singpass mobile app to log in.

Sensitive transactions, such as fund switching, will not be available when you log in using the Singpass mobile app. 

If you’ve already signed up for Great ID, you can use it to connect to the Great Eastern app for full access. Otherwise, register for Great ID before signing in to the Great Eastern app.