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GREAT Invest Advantage

Wealth Accumulation

GREAT Invest Advantage | Customisable Investment-Linked Insurance Plan

#Lifeproof your investment goals with greater flexibility

Make smarter investment decisions towards your wealth goals with greater flexibility and the choice of diversification to suit your investment appetite.


GREAT Invest Advantage, an investment-linked plan with the option to invest with a one-time premium or recurring premiums by tapping on a wide range of professionally managed funds to customise a portfolio that best meets your investment objectives.


Throughout the investment period, flexibility remains yours. Review and rebalance your portfolio according to market dynamics. Top up your investment or make a partial1 or full surrender2 anytime3 without any surrender charges.


Adding more value while you are investing with us, get coverage against death and terminal illness without any medical assessment.

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Key benefits


Invest with cash or funds from your CPFIS or SRS the way you want

Start with as little as S$100 a month for the recurring premium option or make a single premium contribution of at least S$5,000.


No lock-ins, cashflow is under your control

Top up your investment amount to take advantage of positive market opportunities. Or, make partial1 or full surrender2 of the portfolio without any surrender charges.


Customise your investment portfolio anytime

Grow your portfolio through our GreatLink Funds, a diverse range of professionally managed funds across different asset classes, industries and geographic regions.

GreatLink Funds Links

GreatLink Funds Prices

GreatLink Funds Prices

Easy online access, day or night  - wherever you are.

Fund Tools & Documents

Fund Tools & Documents

Select the list of funds you wish to find out more with this fund tool.

Investment-Linked Funds

Funds available under investment-linked plans

Our selection of ILP funds curated for you.

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