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Travel insurance

The travel checklist

Get ready for a week-long trip using the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method

13 Sep 2023
The travel checklist
Travel countdown packing checklist


Pack lighter, faster, smarter with this mantra. You may need to add on activity gear and formal wear as required, depending on your travel destination and purpose.

Don’t forget these as well:
1. Travel documents, cash and credit cards
2. Toiletry bag
3. Personal prescriptions or health items
4. Tech gadgets

A travel insurance is strongly encouraged to be purchased once flight details are out. Bon voyage and safe travels!

TravelSmart Premier
TravelSmart Premier

Embark on your travels with financial protection. Yes now you can – whether it’s a much-deserved holiday, that overdue adventure tour, a quick weekend getaway or essential work travel.

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