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Health Insurance


Enjoy lifelong coverage against disability

Ensure that your savings are protected against the unforeseen. Should you be disabled because of injury or illness, LifeSecure offers you the reassurance of a monthly income, throughout your life.


These monthly payouts will help provide for daily expenses, specialised care, rehabilitation and home tuition (for children unable to attend school – the plan also covers children as young as one year old).

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Key benefits


Receive monthly payouts for life

The plan covers you up to 65 or 80 years of age, or for life – the choice is all yours.


Receive up to six times the payout 

Should you remain disabled beyond the plan’s deferment period1 , you’ll receive an additional lump sum of up to six times the monthly payout.


Pay no premium when receiving payouts

For as long as you keep receiving the monthly payout, you don’t have to worry about paying plan premiums.


Be covered from just 42 cents* a day

Premiums start from a very affordable S$0.42 cents* a day for a monthly payout of S$1,000 – and they don’t increase with age.


Receive out-of-school payout for your child

If your child2 becomes disabled and has to stay at home or in hospital, you’ll get an additional S$500 every month for their schooling needs, until he or she turns 16.


Protect your loved ones against the unexpected

With a lump sum benefit of three times the monthly payout upon death3 , the plan helps ensure your family is looked after.

How LifeSecure works