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Gear up for the run with a series of exciting activites prepared just for you.

Do note that the dates and times presented are subjected to changes. With the exception of the Great Eastern Women's IPPT, all fringe activites are only open to registered race participants.

Registrations for HIIT by Natalie Dau (45mins) + Yoga by Roxanne Gan (45mins) and True Fitness Session have opened!

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3 August 2019, Saturday


The Pavilion @ Far East Square

HIIT by Natalie Dau (45mins) + Yoga by Roxanne Gan (45mins)


Here’s how to combine high intensity training, basic equipment and mobility drills to tone up and burn calories in the most efficient way. Get your athletic moves on with localised strength challenges, all in a fun environment that includes partner workouts.  Community is important in any fitness activity so be ready to work out with a great group of encouraging women, while getting you ready for the Great Eastern Women’s Run.


Cool down and gently stretch your muscles after an intense HITT session with Natalie Dau. Help your muscles relax, unwind and shake off all of the stresses from the working week. Yoga Stretch encompasses yoga postures for a full body stretch. It not only helps your muscles to relax but it also improves the flexibility of the body by loosening of the joints, which are ideal for those who are looking to gain versatility in preparing for the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

24 August 2019, Saturday


Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Square

The Great Eastern Women's IPPT


This year’s GEWR will also see the introduction of the first nationwide all-women's Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) - our first mega Fringe Activity! Happening on 24 August at the Singapore Sports Hub, the IPPT will be a day of healthy exercise, yummy food, and lots of fun for you and your family. Head down to assess your fitness level with us and get rewarded for it - there are many goodies up for grabs! 

31 August 2019, Saturday 10am-11am TFX Pacific Plaza

Get Fit with TFX


This small group training  will help you achieve your fitness sustainability through various workouts such as core, stability work and loaded movement training. This  session will help you to get lean, rehabilitate, build strength

12 September 2019, Thursday 7.30pm-9.30pm TBC

Evening Training Run


Have you been preparing for Great Eastern Women’s Run yet? Come join us for a training run session with a breath-taking and picturesque view around the city. It will be led by a team of experienced and high spirited pacers from the Running Department, the session available in both 4KM or 8KM will definitely kick-start your training programme and race you through the finishing line on the 3rd of November!

21 September 2019, Saturday


The Pavilion @ Far East Square

Pilates by Wany Misban (45mins) + & Body Weight Fitness Session by TFX (45mins)


Get ready to sizzle up your core with Pilates. You'll see some classic movements like the Hundreds, Teaser & Swan as we focus on your breath to get through each exercise to strengthen your Powerhouse - Your CORE. Take this chance to slow down, listen to your breath & connect with your body. This session is a great supplement to your current running regime as you build up your mileage towards this year’s Great Eastern Women’s Run as we iron out imbalances in your muscles. 

28 September 2019, Saturday 10am-11am New Balance store at Jewel Changi #02-251/252

New Balance Footscan workshop + Styling session by Sophia Chong


Min Poh, the co-founder of Arcade Clothing will be at the session to help the ladies curate the look that best suit each individual. Ladies can take the learnings back and apply to their everyday look!


A footscan session conducted after that will help you find the best fit for your shoes after going through various data analysis tools that includes 3D scan and Stride ID.


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