Race route


10KM race route

Race route - 10km

5KM and 2KM Mummy & Me race route

Race route - 5km and 2km

21.1KM Elite race route

Race route - 21.1km Elite

Race Details

1.     Baggage Deposit

The complimentary Baggage Deposit Service is available at the Carpark E @ Singapore Sports Hub from 4.45am to 11.00am. Participants are encouraged to travel light and to refrain from bringing bulky items. For security reasons, participants are not allowed to carry their bags on the run route. Participants are encouraged not to deposit any valuable or fragile items. The Organiser will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage to the belongings or contents deposited.

Participants are advised to arrive one hour before their start time as high traffic is expected prior to the Flag-off time of each respective race categories. After the race, participants who are retrieving their baggage (Carpark E) will be able to exit NST from Gate 21, before heading towards Carpark E from the escalators near Gate 15. Bags and other belongings brought into the event venue may be subject to security checks.

2.     Distance Markers

Distance Markers will be placed along every 1 km of the race route.

3.     Race Etiquette

If you encounter any problems during the run, please approach the event marshals for assistance. Please keep to your left to allow faster participants to overtake. If you encounter participants on the right side of the lane who are moving at a slower pace, please call out, “On Your Right”. As a courtesy, all participants are required to move to the left when they hear this.

4.     Inclement Weather

Organiser reserves the right to delay the commencement of the race in the event of inclement weather.

Should the inclement weather persist after the delay, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the race at the organiser’s sole discretion without further obligation and without any refund. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

5.     Results

Results will be posted on the 42Race App 48 hours after the race. Official results and ranking are based on Gun Time. In the event of dispute over winning timings/results, an appeal must be lodged to the staff at the Information marquee within 15 minutes of the category’s prize presentation. A non-refundable SGD$50 administrative fee will be charged per appeal. The Organisers reserve the final rights to the decision over the dispute of race results.

6.     Race certificates with Nett Time

All finishers will be entitled to a personalised race certificate with “Nett Time” reflected, downloadable on the 42Race App one month after the Official Results has been released.

7.     Race timing – using your Bib-Tag

The Bib-Tag system has been adopted to record your race timing electronically. Participants are required to read the following instructions to ensure proper usage of Bib-Tag.

(i) How do I use my Bib-Tag?

  • Simply ensure it is attached behind your race bib.

(ii) What do I do with the Bib-Tag after the run?

  • You do not need to return your Bib-Tag and may dispose it after completing the race.

(iii) How do I activate my Bib-Tag?

  • Each Bib-Tag is checked before distribution to the participants. The tag is always “on” and does not need to be activated.

(iv) What is Nett time and how is it different from Gun time?

  • Gun time starts recording as soon as the race category begins. Nett time (chip time) only starts recording when the runner crosses the start line. Nett time is often shorter as many runners do not cross the start line until several minutes after the Official Gun time has begun.

(v) How accurate is Nett time?

  • Nett time is the most accurate form of run timing available. It measures the exact time between a runner crossing the start line and the finish line. Nett time also records when checkpoints are passed, providing an accurate record of a runner’s pace.

For queries on Results, Race Certificates, Race Timings and Bib-Tags, please contact: info@greateasternwomensrun.com

8.     Lost and Found

If you have lost or found an item, please approach our staff at the Information booth. At the end of the event, found items will be delivered back to the Race Organiser’s office at 19 Ubi Crescent, Level 2, Singapore 408577. If you have lost an item, it is your responsibility to contact the Race

Organisers for your retrieval. All unclaimed items will be discarded one month after the date of the race.

9.     Run with our Pacers

Our passionate and friendly pacers from Running Department will lead the run for the 10km and 5km categories. With them around, you’ll definitely be motivated to race till the end point!

10 KM Pacers: 60 mins / 70 mins / 80 mins

5 KM Pacers: 30 mins / 35 mins / 40 mins

10.     Hydration points

Ice Mountain Water and 100PLUS Isotonic Drink will be given at selected hydration points. Refer to below for more details.

Hydration Point


21.1KM Elite route

10KM route

5KM route


Nicoll Highway





Republic Ave

Water, 100PLUS

Water, 100PLUS

Water, 100PLUS


Kallang Riverside Park





Youth Olympic Park





The Promontory





Marina Barrage

Water, 100PLUS

Water, 100PLUS



Bay East Bridge

Water, 100PLUS

Water, 100PLUS



Geylang Park Connector

Water, 100PLUS



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