Great is making a difference everyday.

Meet Albert Pramono, an eco engineer with a love for nature and his community. Which is why he founded ACCOSSA, a design and build studio that takes inspiration from nature and creates sustainable buildings across Indonesia. For Albert, Great starts at home – by simply making his wife and child happy – before spreading out into the community and the larger world.

Check out his Reach for Great story.

Check out his Reach for Great story.

Tell us more about yourself and what spurred you to create your eco design studio.

Before becoming an eco engineer, I was studying chemical engineering in England. And during my time there, I noticed how well the country integrated nature with design and technology. I was inspired and saw an opportunity to do the same in Indonesia, to improve the living conditions of the community.

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"I believe that greatness can be born out of disruption. That’s why our design philosophy is all about disrupting the industry to make things better."

How do you Reach for Great every day? What does it look like to you? 

It starts with the small things that I do every day, like saying “good morning” to my family, achieving my daily goals, being responsible for my work and being kind to others.

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"Being Great means making people happy, from my family to everyone else around me."
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What motivates you to make a difference every day?

I’m motivated to press on with what I do when I see the impact our designs make in the community. It makes me really happy to see people enjoy the facilities we’ve designed and have a better quality of life because of it! Watching people use the facilities also pushes me to think of new design elements, so that we can continue to improve the standard of living here in Indonesia.

Like Albert, we know there’s a Great in you wanting to make its impact felt. No matter what Great looks like to you, we’ll help you get there.

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