Great is getting up more times than you fall.

Great can mean many things to many people. For Rana Rayendra, Great means being able to overcome life’s challenges and empower those around him. And he does this through his venture, Bicara Project, a soft-skills training center that gives people the tools they need to be successful in their careers and achieve a greater version of themselves. 

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Scroll down to learn more.

Why did you create the Bicara Project? 

Being a news anchor before this, I wanted to give back to the community with the skills I have. My co-founders and I created the Bicara Project with a dream of wanting to share our knowledge in soft-skills and help people achieve a better life. 

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"The biggest challenge of my life was when I lost both my parents. I lost my foundations in life and had to be strong through it all. But as time passed, I continued helping others and grew stronger each day."

What is your version of Great? 

To me, Great happens when we get up from our downfalls and overcome challenges smoothly.

"I Reach for Great by being open to learn and disciplined with my time."
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What are your motivations in life? 

My daily goal is to make my parents happy and proud of me. Besides that, my second motivation in life is to chase my dreams and to have the financial stability to live life to the fullest.

Like Rana, we know you’re reaching for your own version of Great. 
No matter what Great looks like to you, we’ll help you get there.

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